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Hydroponic Water Chiller

  • Maintain the perfect water temperature for healthy hydroponic plant growth.
  • Ideal for cooling hydroponic reservoir tanks.

Aquarium Water Chiller

  • Keep the right temperatures for saltwater and freshwater aquariums.
  • Pure Titanium Heat Exchanger for corrosion resistance.

Industrial Water Chiller

  • Flexible cooling solutions for a wide assortment of industries
  • Any tempeature can be meet (- 45 degree C to 350 degree C).
Cold Plunge Pool

Cold Plunge Pool Chiller

  • Cold Water which immersion is proven to reduce inflammation and speed up athletic recovery.
  • Limitless design. Set your desired temperature at any season.

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Do you search for a supplier of high-quality water chillers?

Lando Chillers manufactures economical, high-quality, dependable water chillers, portable chillers, and other types of cooling units. Our products are included: ice bath chillers, hydroponic chillers, aquarium chillers, glycol chillers, industrial water-cooled chillers, and air-cooled chillers. Lando chillers serve a variety of different industries and applications.

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1. Our value message is: “Quality Is Our Culture”.

2. With us your money is safe, and your business is safe.

3. After-Sales Service Available 24/7.

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