9 Traps When You Buy Hydroponic Aquarium Water Chillers In China


How to avoid these 9 traps when you buy Hydroponic Aquarium Water Chillers in China?Hydroponic Water Chillers and Aquarium water chillers are expensive products that any mistakes in your purchase the decision can cause heavy economic loss. Due to the huge demand in water chiller market in China, there are plenty of water chiller manufacturers.  However, not every manufacturer is manufacturing their products in a proper way. Customers have to be extremely careful when purchasing hydroponic water chillers or aquarium water chiller.


Here are the 9 traps you may fall into when you purchase water chillers:



Fake compressor. Some manufacturers use fake compressors for the purpose of getting orders and bigger profits. It’s hard for common people to tell if they are not professionals.



Secondhand compressor. The cost of a second- hand compressor is not even 1/10 of a brand new one. However, the cooling capacity of a second hand is far lower and the power consumption is many times more.



The production of evaporators does not comply with the industrial standard. The evaporators are smaller than the standard which affects water cycle and endothermic system.



The production of condensers does not comply with the industrial standard. Many condensers on the market are smaller than the standard. Insufficient heat exchange will lead to a dramatic reduction of the cooling effect.



Impure titanium pipes. If used in seawater tanks, such titanium pipes get rusty very fast.



Small electronic and capacitive components of the water chiller. Some manufacturers use sub-quality products to save cost.After using the water chiller for a while, potential problems will come up.



Check if the return circuit is connected well. If not, it is easy to get the compressor blocked.



Check if the outer-spiral-fin copper pipe is high quality and if it is durable and sealed? If not, the copper pipe is easy to crack.



Check if the soldered copper pipe and welding rod are made of pure copper. Only pure copper has the best cooling effect. The pure copper pipe is unlikely to crack because of vibration during operation.




What is the tenth trap? 


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(The tenth trap when you buy aquarium hydroponic water chillers in China! )


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