Whatever Type of Aquarium Chillers you need, Lando can Fulfill the Aquarium Chiller for your system.

Lando supply the best aquarium chillers and aquarium coolers for your saltwater fish tank.

  • Aquarium Chillers cooling capacity up to 18KW: Lando chillers have various aquarium chiller models from 0.3KW to 18KW  with cooling and heating functions for your choice.
  • How cold do Aquarium chillers get: The range for user-set temperature is 39°F to 103°F (3°C to 40°C)
  • For both saltwater and freshwater:  Anti-corrosive pure titanium evaporator for both saltwater and freshwater use
  • Micro LCD temperature controller:  Each Lando brand chiller temperature controller will accurately maintain the desired temperature having a memory recall function when power outages.
  • Full protection devices with compact design:  Each aquarium chillers with High Quality galvanized steel housing with a durable powder-coated finish



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Aquarium Chiller: Your Premier Manufacturer Of Aquarium Chiller


An Aquarium Chiller is really a small refrigerator that is cool through the system of external filtration. It plays the most important role during the seasons with cooling or both heating and cooling functions for your aquarium.

Lando is your reliable high-quality aquarium chiller manufacturer and supplier in China.

There are 3 kinds of aquarium chillers including drop-in water chillers, In-line water chillers, and Thermo-Electric Chillers.


  1. A drop-in water chiller does not need any plumbing. As it consists of coils placed in a sump.
  2. An in-line water chiller can be placed anywhere you want.  It needs to externally pump the water into the cooling coils and then goes through the system for cooling.
  3. Thermo-Electric Chillers usually fit for mini aquarium only. (Not the best optional)


Both aquarium chillers can reduce the aquarium temperature. It substantially determines the quality of the features of components. This chiller keeps the comfortable temperature for your aquarium at any season.


Lando is not only a leader in water cooling system suppliers but also devolves into aquarium chillers.


As a professional aquarium chiller manufacturer, Lando has a complete line of chiller with cooling and heating capacity ranging from 0.3KW to 18KW.


High-quality aquarium chillers supplied by Lando features some advantages as below:


  • Operating temperature 4 ℃ – 40 ℃, accurate ± 1 ℃;
  • The microcomputer LCD controller is easy to operate;
  • Over and overheat the auto-protection system.
  • The Titanium heat exchanger features a high BTU rating for superior heat removal.
  • Powerful compressor uses friendly R134a or R410 refrigerant
  • Pure titanium suitable for saltwater and freshwater;
  • Easy to operate, maintenance without professionals.
  • Memory recall thermostat returns to the last set temperature in event of a power outage
  • Working Quiet, fast heating and cooling time, stable temperature;
  • Perfect safety protection and fault indication system


These water chillers are specially designed for aquariums. It can reduce the temperature in an aquarium quickly. They will usually maintain the temperature stable in an aquarium within 1 degree Fahrenheit. These aquarium chillers are running quietly and easy to connect and operate.


You will benefit a lot by using the aquarium chiller:


  1. Improving the living environment of organisms( cooling for fish, axolotl, coral, jellyfish, etc ) makes them happier. The operation of the aquarium chiller is automatic when you set the fixed temperature and it works automation and provides a convenient and comfortable environment. 
  2. Improve work efficiency and save cost. Aquarium chillers are digitized, so when the user has specified the desired temperature, the unit will work to keep the water at that constant temperature.
  3. Reduce fish mortality. We all know that the aquarium water chiller is particularly important. Much sick fish are caused by improper temperature control of aquarium chillers. The aquarium chiller can keep and control the right temperature, letting the fish live more happily. 
  4. Save energy and resources. The continuous recycling cooling of the aquarium tank can help us save energy, protect the environment, and save costs.


If you are looking for a high-quality aquarium chillers manufacturer?

If you are searching for a reliable aquarium chillers supplier?

please come to Lando for the best price quotation.

We are confident you will be satisfied with our aquarium cooling solutions.


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Lando Chiller: Your Leading Aquarium Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier


Lando Chiller has a complete line of aquarium chillers from 1/10HP to 12HP.

All aquarium chiller units manufactured by Lando, playing very important parts in aquarium industries.

Aquarium Chiller units are widely used in a variety of aquarium applications. suitable for saltwater Aquarium tank (Alaska Crab, Jellyfish, Axolotl, Coral, etc ) Aquaponic, Fish farming, Aquaculture.

Aquarium Chiller units designed by Lando provide constant temperature with accurate temperature for the aquarium, the temperature controlling stability can be ± 1℃.


Aquarium Water Chiller designed and manufactured by Lando feature: 


  • high efficiency in cooling and heating up faster, supplying a comfortable environment, and more economical when it comes to operation and maintenance.
  • Each Water Chiller for Aquarium to keep the performance temperature automatically, by-passing an external pump to cool circling the aquarium tank.
  • All Aquarium water chillers from Lando also feature memory recall thermostat returns to last set temperature in event of a power outage, overheat protector, motor reverse protector, motor overload protector.
  • There are also some optional protection devices such as the rs485 communication function for automated management.


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The Complete Buying Guide About Aquarium Chillers  from Lando


You will get all knowledge of aquarium water chillers from the below information, I just hope this will be helpful for you selecting the right water chiller for your aquarium.



The working principle of the aquarium chiller

How do aquarium chillers work? The aquarium chiller is a very small device that works like a fridge to cool your aquarium. can also be called an aquarium cooling machine and aquarium chiller unit. The aquarium chiller is composed of a Compressor, evaporator, condenser, temperature control system, a temperature sensor, an inlet, and outlet port.

Typically, Aquarium chillers are external units installed in aquariums to remove excess heat from your aquarium through absorption or compression.

The temperature sensor measures the temperature of the aquarium and transmits the data to the control section.

LCD Controller; the controller regulates the temperature of the aquarium.

If the temperature of the aquarium reaches the set value of the controller during working, the chiller will stop working. and restart working once the temperature higher or lower than the set value of temperature.

The more equipment you have running in your aquarium, the greater your need for an aquarium chiller would be. This aquarium chiller unit creates a comfortable environment for your fish.


The working principle of the aquarium chiller

Do I Need An Aquarium Chiller?

Aquarium chillers are an external piece of equipment same as a refrigerator. An aquarium chiller is very important for maintaining the temperature of a marine aquarium or fish tank. In most aquariums, the pumps and light can create a large amount of heat to the extent of affecting the water temperature. One more thing, this aquarium chiller with memory recall thermostat function and returns to the last set temperature in event of a power outage. you do need to set a temperature on a daily basis.

Now might be you need a chiller for your aquarium tank. It can supply a comfortable environment for your lovely fish, including jellyfish, axolotl, coral, shrimp, etc. which will help your aquarium maintain a cool temperature in summer and warmth in winter. So it’s definitely worth the investment.



How Do I Choose An Aquarium Chiller?

  1. Consider your aquarium size
  2. The temperature requirements of your aquarium
  3. Additional equipment(such as pump, lights, etc) and the heat it generates
  4. The aquarium setup
  5. Make sure enough space for heat dissipation

What Type Of Aquarium Chillers do You Require?

There are 3 types of aquarium chillers, mainly Thermo-Electric Chillers, In-Line Chillers, Drop-In Chillers.

The characteristics of the Thermo-Electric Chillers:

  • Ideal for use with mini saltwater and freshwater aquariums
  • Only use them for aquariums of up to 55 gallons
  • It is not effective when used with a fast water flow of  aquariums
  • Have the advantage of being very quiet.

The characteristics of the In-Line Chillers:

  • Suitable for large systems with in-line filtration.
  • Require plumbing to fit into an in-line filtrations system.
  • The cooling water is taken into the aquarium through the pump.
  • In-line chillers come in different sizes. (from 1/13HP to 15 HP)
  • It is also the most common type in the market.

The characteristics of the Drop-In Chillers

  • It consists of a coil that is placed in the sump of the aquarium.
  • The coil is made of titanium metal.
  • Different sizes range from 1/13 HP to 5HP.
  • No plumbing is required for installation,
  • Fit for limited space.


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What Size Aquarium Chiller Do I Need?

Below is a table of sample aquarium chiller sizes. This is just for example purposes. Of course, sizes and capacities may vary depending on the unit. This is just to give you a general idea of what’s available.

Horsepower BTU Max Aquarium Size Temperature Range

1/10 HP ~ 1,500 45 gallons (160-180 liters) 60 – 85 °F (16 – 30 °C)

1/4 HP  ~ 3,500 85 gallons (300-350 liters) 60 – 85 °F (16 – 30 °C)

1/2 HP ~ 6000 135 gallons (450-500 liters) 60 – 85 °F (16 – 30 °C)

1  HP ~ 12000 280 gallons (1000-1200 liters) 60 – 85 °F (16 – 30 °C)

1 1/2 HP ~ 18000 400 gallons (1500-1800 liters) 60 – 85 °F (16 – 30 °C)

2 HP ~ 24000 550 gallons (2000-2300 liters) 60 – 85 °F (16 – 30 °C)

3 HP ~ 30000 800 gallons (3000-3200 liters) 60 – 85 °F (16 – 30 °C)

5 HP ~ 36000 1350 gallons (5000-5500 liters) 60 – 85 °F (16 – 30 °C)


Please note: The high ambient air temperature will decrease cooling capacity



Features of The Aquarium Chiller From Lando

  1. Aquarium Chiller units designed and manufactured by Lando having some features as below:
  2. Anti-corrosion and durability with pure titanium material
  3. Digital thermostat with LED display.
  4. Good heat dissipation design, Improve the life.
  5. Energy-saving more than 30%
  6. Low noise design, easily switches of ℃&℉.
  7. Fully safety protection devices with fault display
  8. Easy maintenance and operation
  9. Up to 12 months warranty time for all aquarium chiller



Aquarium Chiller Maintenance

  • Purchase a new aquarium chiller, check the water pump before use to prevent damage to the aquarium chiller due to insufficient water.
  • We must keep the working environment of the aquarium chiller clean and avoid dust, which can greatly extend the service life of the electrical components of the aquarium chiller.
  • For the new aquarium chiller, we have to make sure the material can be used saltwater. Also, keep the water source clean, so it is not easy to scale, and it can prevent the pipeline from clogging.
  • In terms of piping, we need to judge whether the pipeline is clogged according to the relationship between pump and pressure.
  • If the pressure is too small, we can take out the pump filter and clean it. especially the filter mesh of the system inlet. It is best cleaned once a month.
  • Regularly Clean the condenser to avoid dust affecting the performance of the system.
  • On the electrical components, we can replace them according to the service life of the components and test them regularly to ensure safety.


How Can Lando Help Your Business Today?

Are you considering adding a chiller for your aquarium or aquarium cooling system but need a budget price?

Do you need an onsite measure and quote for custom aquarium chillers?

Or perhaps you are unsure of what size aquarium chiller is required for your aquarium tank for an aquaponic system?

These are just a few simple examples of questions the Lando team can assist you with. At Lando, we revel in small projects and excel in large ones.

If you are looking for a good quality aquarium chiller or aquarium cooling unit supplier, you are coming to the right place.  Please contact the Lando engineering team to customize your aquarium system.

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