January 2018

How to Choose the Best Water Chillers for Your Saltwater Aquarium ?

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For this article will inform you how to choose the best water chillers for your saltwater aquarium?

Hope it will help you to choose the right chiller when you purchase.

What Is an Aquarium Chiller?

Aquarium chillers are external units installed in aquariums to remove excess heat from your aquarium through absorption […]

December 2017

How To Make An Aquarium Water Chiller Condenser

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How to make a hydroponics or aquarium water chiller condenser?

Here Lando company will reveal the full process production of copper coil condenser.

Step One: The processing of condenser copper tube

1. The machine cutting the tube

2. Copper tube will bend straightening

How To Make The Best Water Chillers for Your Hydroponics

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For this article , will introduce you How To Make The Best Water Chillers for Your Hydroponics ?

Specializing in water chillers, Shenzhen Lando Technology Industrial Co., Ltd has been a leader in producing hydroponic Water Chillers , Aquarium Water Chillers, Laser Industrial Water Chillers and Water Chilled Air Condition.

Here is the entire production process […]

November 2017

Finding the Best Water Chillers for Hydroponics

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 The world of agriculture has truly evolved. You can now grow crops without using soil instead of hydroponics. Also known as, soilless gardening, hydroponics is a branch of agriculture that involves growing plants in an aquatic-based environment, using mineral-rich solutions.

This type of gardening is fast gaining popularity due to its numerous benefits. It […]

October 2017

Top 6 Tips To Keep Your Aquarium Cool In Hot Weather

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Top 6 Tips To Keep Your Aquarium Cool In Hot Weather

If you have freshwater or saltwater aquarium . It may be a cause of concern to rise temperatures in the summer time. So how to cool your aquarium in summer hot weather ?


The temperature of your fish tank is affected by the following factors:

* ambient […]

September 2017

How To Choose A Right Chiller For Aquariums?

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When choosing a chiller it is all based on the amount of water in your aquarium and how much you need to drop the temperature in your tank, your aquarium setup and the amount of aquarium heat it generates. which are very important considerations. Therefore, when choosing the right an aquarium chiller, slightly over-sizing your […]

Lando Water Chillers

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Shenzhen Lando Company is a professional Hydroponic Water Chillers, Aquarium Water Chillers, Industrial Water Chillers, Water-Chilled Air Conditioning manufacture in China.

1. Hydroponic Chillers to keep hydroponic solution in your reservoir at the perfect temperature of hydroponic systems, hydroponic growers, hydroponic farming and gardens.
2. Aquarium Chillers to keep the fish in your aquarium or tank at […]

The 117th Canton Fair

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Canton Fair takes place in Guangzhou twice a year, in April-May & October-November and has been around for over 50 years. Canton Fair is by far the largest among all China fairs.

For water chillers, Lando already has established market share over the years.
As the owner of the […]

AQUARIUM exhibitions in GuangZhou

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The most influential aquarium and pet show in Guangzhou took place in May 2015. Lando attended this show for the first time.

Lando has been engaged in aquarium water chiller which keeps your aquarium or tanks at the right temperature.

We introduced our latest aquarium chiller with advanced innovative high-efficiency technology.