November 2018

9 Tips to know what is the condenser temperature of water chillers

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Here are 9 Tips to know what is the condenser temperature of water chillers.


1. What are the condenser pressure and condenser temperature of water chiller?

Condensation temperature is the saturation temperature of refrigerant steam in the condenser at a certain pressure. The condensation […]

October 2018

Top 7 Best Aquarium Chiller – 2018 Reviews | Lando Aquarium Chillers

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From this article, you can find  Top 7 best aquarium chiller for marine fish tanks to maintain aquarium temperature control. You’ll get stable, consistent water temperatures with Lando Aquarium Chiller. Our aquarium chillers are at competitive prices and 1-year warranty.


Do I Need An Aquarium Chiller?

An aquarium chiller is very important for […]

Cold Plunge Pool Chiller| Water Chiller|

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Lando plunge pool chillers are ideal for leisure and sports club applications.  For the cold plunge pool chiller can be cool down to lower temperature with fast time. Also, it can be easily incorporated into a plunge pool system used for sports recovery and rehabilitation. You Provide the Pool, We Supply the Chiller!


Cooling for cold […]

September 2018

Why Use Lando Water Chillers

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Why Use Lando Water Chillers? At we truly offer the most unique and highest-quality water chillers in the world. We will do WHATEVER it takes with outstanding customer service support to assist everyone as we highly value our customer satisfaction with absolute ZERO risks. We have 24/7/365 Email Support.

Please contact us via […]

August 2018

Water Chillers for Hydroponics and Aquariums – Lando Chillers

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Advantage manufactures high-quality water chillers for hydroponics and aquariums which suitable for applications from worldwide customers.

Here would like to share you the shipment photos from Shenzhen Lando Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

1) Water Chillers for hydroponics — Shipped to Canada

New Lando 1-1/2 hp Water Chillers for hydroponic systems & fresh or saltwater aquariums. The compact […]

6 Tips to Reduce Water Chiller Energy Consumption and Save Money

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The temperature starts to rise in the summer. It needs to use the water chillers to cool and keep at the right temperature day and night. This also means that the energy consumption of using water chillers will be even greater. In order to save the using cost with aquarium chillers, hydroponics water […]

July 2018

How to maintain Lando mini Industrial Water Chillers during the Summer holiday

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How to maintain Lando mini Industrial Water Chillers during the Summer Holiday

Most of Lando customer from European have been in their summer holiday during in July, August and September.

However. Some of the customers will not sure how to maintain Lando mini industrial water chiller and how to keep in good condition during their holiday […]

The Best Grow Room Air Conditioner- Lando hydroponic

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Usually, the plants need adequate temperature and indoor humidity. It is very important to choose the best grow room air conditioner when managing the climate for your hydroponic system.


Air humidity is crucial to the success of your hydroponic system. Because the lighting creates a lot of heat, it is

necessary to control the air temperature […]

June 2018