December 2020

How To Design of Finned Tube Evaporators

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Regarding the design of a finned Tube Evaporators, Here Lando cooling exporter would like to give you a brief introduction on how to quickly design of finned tube evaporator in a water chiller system.

We use to calculate the different working conditions, the evaporator heat transfer temperature difference △ T, and heat transfer coefficient K […]

August 2020

Industrial Chiller Maintenance – How to Replace the 10 Main Components

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It could be helpful to familiarize yourself with this Industrial Chiller repairing and maintenance steps – How to Replace the 10 Main Components?

As much as we’d love our technology to run at maximum efficiency 100% of the time, regular wear and tear can lead to malfunctions. When it comes to processing chiller repair and […]

How to Calculate Your Water Chiller’s Refrigerant Charge Guide

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Here is the summarized by our Lando’s expert. How to calculate your water chiller‘s refrigerant charge guide during our actual design or commissioning? we have many ways to judge whether the refrigerant charge is appropriate or not, the following are some common methods

1. Touching the inhaler and exhaust pipe to sense the […]

All You Need to Know About Refrigerant Design Software

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All You Need to Know About Refrigerant Design Software. It can help you to master the software of the refrigerant industry better.


The refrigeration system and low temperature are the doors of applied technology. scientific research and engineering combination of extremely strong, further studies or plowing engineering technology can be.

At present, this field […]

October 2018

Cold Plunge Pool Chiller| Water Chiller|

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Lando plunge pool chillers are ideal for leisure and sports club applications.  For the cold plunge pool chiller can be cool down to lower temperature with fast time. Also, it can be easily incorporated into a plunge pool system used for sports recovery and rehabilitation. You Provide the Pool, We Supply the Chiller!


Cooling for cold […]

May 2018

What is a Aquarium Titanium Heat Exchanger? What types of Heat Exchanger are available?

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Want to learn more about Aquarium Titanium Heat Exchanger? What types of Heat Exchanger are available?

What is the Work Condition of Heat Exchangers for Aquariums? This page will let you know more about it.


1. What is the Aquarium Titanium Heat Exchanger?

For the aquarium titanium heat exchanger is a device which transfers heat from […]

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