April 2022

Cold Plunge Pool Chiller| Cold Pool Cooler | Lando-chillers.com

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Lando cold plunge pool chiller is ideal for recreational and sports club applications. The cold pool cooler can be cooled to a lower temperature in a short period of time. In addition, it can be easily incorporated into plunge pool systems for sports recovery and rehabilitation. You provide the pool, we provide the chiller!

Lando’s line […]

Do Hydroponic Chiller Work for Hydro System?

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Why do Hydroponic Chiller Work for Hydro System? As you can see, it’s very important to prevent high water temperatures in hydroponics. Water chillers are especially important for DWC systems because they tend to heat up faster than systems that circulate nutrient solutions.

Whether you are just getting interested in growing with hydroponics or you are […]

March 2022

5 Best Aquarium Chillers Manufacturers in Canada in 2022

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Looking for the best aquarium chillers manufacturers or suppliers in Canada? Here are 5 of the best aquarium chiller companies in Canada for 2022.

Aquarium Chillers, tank chillers, and water chillers for aquariums are hot selling consumer products today due to the rising temperature. In order to supply comfortable ambient for your aquarium. Hence the rising […]

December 2021

Together for a Shared Future – Lando Chiller Shipping Photos in 2021

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The bell of the New Year is about to ring, 2022 is about to kick off the prologue.

The past year we are in the same boat. in exchange for high performance;

In the new year, we have to make further efforts to create brilliance.

May you all have good health and a prosperous business!

Let’s Together for a […]

The Principle and Components of Aquarium Life Support System

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The basic principle and components of Aquarium Life Support System: Aquarium Life-support system is the abbreviation of life maintenance system, which uses modern aquarium technology to imitate the natural environment to create an artificial water environment for cultured organisms.

Here are six components of the aquarium life support system:

  1. Chiller and Heater – Constant temperature control […]

November 2021

Screw Chiller Commissioning, Startup and Shutdown Procedures

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In many industrial processes, large quantities of heat are generated, which must be dissipated as quickly as possible in order to prevent damage to sensitive equipment and to maintain the quality of finished products. Most of the companies need to use screw chillers. So it is vital to understand how to maintain the screw […]

October 2021

Top 10 Ice Bath Chiller Companies in the USA

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The United States was one of the popular markets when it comes to ice baths, cold plunge pool immersion. So the ice bath chiller, cold plunge pool chiller that comes with it is essential.

Everyone is looking to get into their market but only the ones with the best quality are acceptable.

I’m very familiar with what […]

September 2021

Hydrotherapy Treatment,Types,Principe, and Benefits

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What is the Hydrotherapy Treatment, Types, Principe, and Benefits? Hydrotherapy Treatment is the use of different temperatures, pressure, and composition of water for health purposes.
The hydrotherapy types include Water circuit therapy, Aquatic exercise, Aquatic massage, Steam baths, Saunas, Spa, Immersion bath, shower, wet wrap, and other special bath therapy.
Hydrotherapy benefits prevent disease, […]

7 Benefits of Ice Baths You Need to Know

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There are 7 potential benefits of ice baths you need to know. Especially for athletes.  Cold Therapy is fit for Speed Recovery, Easing sore and aching muscles, Boosting Immune System, and Boost Your Mental Health.

1. It Can Boost Your Immune System
2. It Can Increase Your Blood Flow
3. It Can Boost Your Metabolism
4. It Can Reduce […]

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