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Top 5 Best Ways To Choose The Right Water Chiller For Hydroponics

In addition to using hydroponic water chiller, there are additional steps you can take to ensure that your water quality is

maintained.it is important to choose the right water chiller that fits your garden’s needs and your performance expectations.

Here is the Top 5 Best Ways - How To Choose The Right Chillers For Hydroponic Systems :

1. Calculate your Hydroponics system volume, such as Nutrient reservoir or Tank.

2. Make sure everything in the grow room (lights, fans, pump, humidifiers, etc.) and the grow room and Nutrient reservoir's temperature reach its maximum.

3. Total system volume in gallons x 8.34 (established weight of water) x starting and ending temperature difference = minimum BTU per hour needed .

Example :

Total system volume: 150 gallons
Desired temperature: 68°F
Original Tempeature : 74°F
150 x 8.34 x 6 = 7,506 BTU

4. Recommend Tank Size For Hydroponic Application : ( Temperature From 89.6°F to 82.4°F )

100 gallons = LD 1/2HP
200 gallons = LD 1HP
300 gallons = LD 1 1/2HP

5. Cooling capacity will be effected by ambient temperature ,flow rate of the water circulation ,installation position , lighting system , surrounding heat sources etc ..

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