Co2 Laser Chillers from Lando are designed and manufactured to supply accurate and cooling stability for a demanding environment. Whether you have a Constant ON laser or a burst laser (often used in the bio-science or medical industries), our Laser Chillers are able to provide the cooling required to ensure the highest cooling stability.

Co2 Laser Chiller


Lasers become hot when the laser cutter is working. How to keep your CO2 laser tube running to maximum longevity?

Typically, Laser operators will choose the best water chiller for the laser tube. As this series Laser Chillers provide a small footprint with exceptional performance and unmatched reliability.Which cooling for medium power 100W-150W CO2 laser tube. With a temperature range from +2° to +35°C. One-stop automatic intelligent temperature control in a different environment. The user no need to change setting due to it will automatically switch to appropriate operating temperature.



1. Suitable for small water cooling devices; Provide stable working conditions for laser devices.
2. Performance Cool Capacity, Forces circulation, 9L cooling tank capacity.
3. High heat dissipating capacity and not easy to be blocked.
4. The alarm output port can quickly protect sensitive components.
5. Specific disconnection alarm securing protection.
6. It can extend the using life of the laser tube and ensure the engraving effect better.


Co2 Laser Water Chiller


Advanced Feature :

● Compact design, High-performance cost, energy-saving.
● Water circulating pump keeping the chiller in low operating cost and low noise level.
● The temperature of the water can be controlled to be between the working environments to 10°C higher than it.
● Excellent specialization in thermolysis, splendid performance of the cooling radiator.
● Easy installation and operation.
● Easily movable.
● Economic Cooling Laser equipment.
● Use widely in overseas markets, enjoying extremely high occupation rate of market and reputation.
● Perfect after-sales service. Warranty: 12 months.


Laser Water Chiller


Additional Service:

Lando Water Chiller is a manufacturer based in China. It can help you select the right water chiller for your laser engraving machine, please contact us at 86-15814051508.(Whatsapp)