Lando plunge pool chillers are ideal for leisure and sports club applications.  For the cold plunge pool chiller can be cool down to lower temperature with fast time. Also, it can be easily incorporated into a plunge pool system used for sports recovery and rehabilitation. You Provide the Pool, We Supply the Chiller!


Cooling for cold plunge pools, spas and therapy pools. Lando company supply any OEM chillers with professional experience. Our experience includes design base on your any special requirements. Set any temperature what you want. It can be used for saltwater pools, freshwater pools.

Cold-water treatments have been used for thousands of years all over the world to maintain physical health. It improves circulation and the immune system, makes for healthy skin and hair and increases energy. A Lando water chiller can provide a plunge pool in your home or business with the temperature you need. For this cold plunge pool chiller with pure 100% titanium heat exchanger and R410 or R134a green refrigerant. It can chill the water to 6°C.

Cold plunge pools and spas are becoming increasingly popular. It will be application residential pool or hotel cold plunge hydrotherapy spas.


Lando Cold Plunge Chiller Features Include :

Experience :

15 Years Water Chillers Experience


Service :

Excellent Engineering & Customer Support


Cooling Capacity:

Cooling capacity will be affected by some factors, such as how many gallons of water you are chilling, to what temperature, and how quickly. Depending on your environment and conditions there are options available to better suit your needs and ensure reliability.


Heat Exchanger:

Special care when selecting a heat exchanger between the chiller and the water. Usually, Lando uses 100% titanium heat exchanger which fir for salt and fresh water.


Power Requirements:

Our standard chiller configurations require 220v/1ph/50hz power, 380v/3ph/50hz power or 110-220v/1ph/60hz power depending on size. Other voltages available.


Additional Service:

Lando Water Chiller is a manufacturer based in China. It can help you select the proper chiller for your needs, please contact us at 86-15814051508.