Lando cold plunge pool chiller is ideal for recreational and sports club applications. The cold pool cooler can be cooled to a lower temperature in a short period of time. In addition, it can be easily incorporated into plunge pool systems for sports recovery and rehabilitation. You provide the pool, we provide the chiller!

Lando’s line of cold pool chillers is designed for cold water conditions. You can set any water temperature. They are sized based on a variety of factors, including user conditions, environmental conditions, cooling time, and desired water temperature. Once we figure out the chiller size, we can check the indoor or outdoor installations and power and airflow requirements. Lando will then design and build the system to meet our customer’s project requirements.






  • Why do you need a chiller for a cold plunge?

As a cold plunge pool cooler can maintain the water temperature between 45F degrees and 55F degrees automatical. and is typically used for sports and physical therapy by immersing the body underwater. You’ll feel better from the cold water because it stimulates blood flow, reduces swelling, and releases endorphins.

Showering may give you some benefits if the water is colder than 55F degrees.

It’s also possible to put ice in the bathtub by manually to bring the temperature down to below 55F. But there is no need to waste this time. Once the ice melts, the water temperature will rise quickly.

If you want to maximize the benefits of a cold plunge, make sure the water is really cold. It is better to use a chiller for your cold plunge pool or ice bathtub.


  • What is a cold plunge chiller?

A chiller is a specially designed device that is used to cool a tub’s water down to the desired dipping temperature of 35 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. True cold plunge chillers use refrigeration to cool and recirculate water. It’s used in Nordic Spas and for sports injuries and muscle recovery.


  • What is the purpose of a cold plunge?

If you take a plunge into your cold plunge pool, you will immediately feel the chill take hold of your joints and muscles, numbing the nerves that surround them and causing endorphins and hormones to flood your system. As a result of hormones and endorphins, pain and inflammation are relieved, as well as muscle strain and joint pain.


Cold Pool Cooler



  • How Long Should You Stay in A Cold Plunge Pool

When you take a dip in your cold plunge tank, it’s best to keep sessions to times of no longer than 10 minutes. Cold Water Immersion has no time limit and you can do it for 1 to 10 minutes. If you’re doing an ice bath/cold plunge regimen, consult a doctor before doing it.


  • What are the Benefits of a cold plunge pool?

There are 7 potential benefits of a cold plunge pool you need to know. Especially for athletes.  Cold Therapy fit for Speed Recovery, Eases sore and aching muscles, Boost Immune System, and Boost Your Mental Health.

1. It Can Boost Your Immune System
2. It Can Increase Your Blood Flow
3. It Can Boost Your Metabolism
4. It Can Reduce Inflammation and muscle soreness
5. It Can Help You Sleep Better
6. It Can Increase energy and resilience
7. It Can Boost Your Mental Health


Here is the link for you to know more about 7 benefits of cold plunge pool/ Ice baths


  • What We Can Do for you?

Providing cooling for cold pools, spas, and therapy pools. Lando offers any OEM chiller with professional experience. Our experience includes designing to any of your specific requirements. Setting any temperature you want. It can be used for saltwater pools and freshwater pools. Our cold plunge pool chillers also include safety features like high load compressor protection and stop working without water. Make sure you get a high-quality and problem-free chiller from the start. Most of us are afraid of cold water plunge pools.

Even so, cold water therapy has been used for thousands of years around the world to keep the body healthy. It has become the solution of choice for today’s athletes, health gurus, and rehabilitation specialists.


Lando Cold Plunge Chiller Features Include :

Experience: 15 Years of Water Chillers Experience

Service: Excellent Engineering & Customer Support

Cooling Capacity: Cooling capacity will be affected by some factors, such as how many gallons of water you are chilling, to what temperature, and how quickly. Depending on your environment and conditions there are options available to better suit your needs and ensure reliability.

Power Requirements: Our standard chiller configurations require 220v/1ph/50hz power, 380v/3ph/50hz power or 110-220v/1ph/60hz power depending on size. Other voltages are available.

Additional Service: Lando Water Chiller is a manufacturer based in China. It can help you select the proper ice bath cooling unit for your needs, please contact us on WhatsApp: 86-15814051508.