Looking for saltwater aquarium chillers cooling for your tank? Lando supply the compact, Pure titanium water chiller suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquarium. with unique design and best performance cooling capacity. This compact saltwater aquarium chiller unit is used to maintain a constant aquarium temperature all year, a necessity for many fish and coral.




These series Compact Saltwater Chillers are suitable for use in fresh or saltwater aquarium, reservoirs, hydroponic systems. Each chiller provides a high-performance titanium heat exchanger for optimum performance and corrosion resistance. Original and High quality made compressor is extremely efficient and reliable. The microcomputer with a digital LCD display allows for easy operation.




Lando Compact Aquairum Chiller SpecificationLando Compact Aquairum Chiller Specification


The Lando compact saltwater aquarium chiller is used by consumers and professionals for over a decade. New changes include an increase in cooling efficiency and improved usability, functionality, and durability.

These chillers are used R134a refrigerant and ideal for keeping the aquarium tank at the perfect temperature. Each unit has a user-friendly temperature system that allows you to control your desired temperature range as needed, and all models now have a boost function that accelerates the chilling process for quicker to reach the set temperature.


Advanced Features:

Compact Design

A compact and durable structure designed to guarantee near perfect protection against corrosion. Most of the models are no bigger than a standard desktop computer. This compact size allows the placement of water chiller in confined spaces


Efficient Cooling Technology

Internationally-recognized high-end compressors and pure titanium heat exchangers provide high performance, low energy consumption, and low noise levels. Provide the best BTU (British Thermal Units) heat removal capacity with the lowest amperage draw. More electricity savings.


Auto Digital Temperature Control

Accurate temperature detection from 28 to 105°F. LCD display temperature control system automatically controls your desired set temperature within +1/-1 Fahrenheit.


What We Can do?

Keep this in mind that aquariums shouldn’t get hotter than 83°F in any situation. At 83°F or higher water temperature, the oxygen level in aquarium water starts to diminish and this may lead to the death of your aquarium genie. For the optimum health of your fish and other aquarium species, it is better to keep them in comfortable water temperatures.

Chiller systems range vastly in size and design and are available as small, localized or portable chiller units for smaller applications If you are interested in more details on the best cooling solution for your application, please contact our Lando specialist.  (sales@cnlando.com)






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