How to Customize Laser Chiller to fit your laser machine? Today Here would like to inform you of 8 Steps to Customize Laser Chiller in China Factories.

The market for lasers is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 10% during the forecast period. Increasing demand for laser systems from the electronics industry is a major factor driving the demand of the market studied. Obviously, the Laser industry is still a field of great potential deserving us to invest in.


Customize Laser Chiller


The Laser market is segmented by Type :

  • Fiber Lasers
  • Diode Lasers
  • CO/CO2 Lasers
  • Solid-State Lasers
  • Other Types

The Laser Application:

  • Communication,
  • Material Processing
  • Medical and Cosmetics
  • R&D
  • Defense
  • Military
  • Lithography
  • Instrumentation and Sensors
  • Other Applications


You might have held the idea of establishing your own Laser Chiller brand for a long time. You might already have your designs of Laser Chiller done and you have made up your mind to enter the Laser Chiller industry. But you just don’t have a clue about how to turn your ideas and business into a reality, how to customize the Laser Chiller?


Don’t take the process of customizing Laser Chiller an unreachable task, as we help a dozen customers customize Laser Chiller every year, we can guide you through the whole process of the Laser Chiller production. You will not go wrong as long as you follow my lead step by step.


Find the right factory
Offer your requirement, get the initial quote
Sample making according to your requirement
Confirm Size & Cooling Capacity, and other details. Place Order
Factory purchase material and accessories
Sample Production
Start mass production
Quality Inspection, arrange shipment


1. Find the Right Factory

Laser Chiller factories can be divided into 2 types. One type is specialized in making common laser chillers, which are of common style. The other one is more specialized in making customize laser chiller, which allows special requirements. So before you choose the factory, you should define your laser chillers if they are common or special ones.

The common laser chillers factories usually have a lot of laser chillers in stock. design and shape are simple. They usually suggest the existing design to meet your requirements. Thus this kind of factory can hardly meet the requirement for customized.

And the factories for customized laser chillers focus on the customized process. They usually design according to customer requirements. So it requires a more experienced cooling expert. If your customize Laser Chiller you demand is of delicate and complicated style, this type of factory is a better choice.


2. Offer Your Requirement, Get the Initial Quote

The next step after you settle the factory is to get the quote. Now you should offer the design, cooling capacity of the laser chiller to the factory, they will quote the initial price according to the needed material, accessories, and order quantity.

A. Offer the design drawing to the factory

If you have your own designer, you can design new styles and the factory will quote you a rough price after estimating the material.

B. Design based on your requirements by Factory

If you have not your own designer, Lando can design based on your requirement. you can get a more precise price. As the supplier can have a better understanding of what kind of material and accessories to apply, and how complicated the crafts are, they can quote a more accurate and reasonable price for you.


3. Sample Making According to Your Requirement

If you find the initial quote from the factory acceptable and reasonable, you can ask the factory to make a sample for you, and the factory will charge a sample fee. Although the size, shape, material, cooling capacity of the Laser Chiller you need is different, one sample is enough for you to check the level of the design of the factory.
So it is vital to choose a professional Laser Chiller factory as they own more kinds of chillers for you to choose from.

Laser Chiller sample making

Before sample making, the manager of the factory will give you some suggestions on the design drawing and make some changes in some details, as some might not practical for mass production. The factory will start making sample after both of you agree on the final design.

It will take 10-15 days to make the sample, You should check the sample if all the details meet your requirements. You can also modify the sample if you have new ideas.


4. Confirm Size & Cooling Capacity, and other details. Place order

If you are satisfied with the sample and the price, congratulations, you find the right supplier and you are much closer to your goal. But there are still many details you need to confirm with your supplier before you place the order.

A: Confirm the size of the Laser Chiller

You should make the size of the chiller accurate and precise. As some customers need to integrate this cooling unit with their machine. Especially the size of Length, Width, Height. This is a vital detail you should pay attention to. Also if this laser chiller just put beside the machine, then no need to care about the size.

B: Confirm the Cooling Capacity

For the cooling capacity, It is very important. As it affects the performance of laser chiller. Please make sure to choose the right chillers. Otherwise, it also can affect your production capacity or production quality.

C: Confirm the accessory list

The accessories of Laser Chiller are of great variety. It is suggested to ask the supplier to paste all the accessories on a list for your confirmation.


D: Confirm the color of the shape

To avoid the color difference, you can use the Pantone color card for color confirmation.


5. Factory Purchase Material and Accessories

The factory will start preparing all the material and accessories after you pay the deposit and confirm all the details. If it is stock design, usually takes 5-7 working days to get all the materials ready. If need customized design, usually takes 15-20 days to get all the materials ready.

6. Sample Production

After you pay the deposit, you can ask the factory to make the sample production. The materials for the sample are exactly the same as the bulk production, the sample should be an exact representation of what you will receive as the final products.

The sample production is for you to determine if all standards have been met by the supplier. You can check the cooling capacity, Chiller construction, size measurements, shape color, etc. The production samples must be submitted before bulk production so that you can have the opportunity to point out to the supplier if any errors or misunderstandings are discovered.


7. Start Mass Production

If you approve of the production sample, the factory will start mass production.

First, they will make the shell, which is all Cold-formed plates. Then the workers will be bending and be coating in the workshop.

mass production of Laser Chillers

The entire production process would last about 10-15 days. It depends on the arrangement of the factory’s order as the factory receives orders from other customers. It also depends on the quantity you order.

Therefore, It usually takes 25-30 days from scheduling, purchasing material to finishing the whole production. Just in case the stock can not be replenished timely, it is suggested to purchase a little more quantity each time you place the order as the whole production cycle of the customized Laser Chiller is long.


8. Quality Inspection, Arrange Shipment

It is important to inspect the quality before you ship the goods. After the bulk production finished, you can ask the supplier to send the testing report and video to you. If you find there are no problems with quality, you can find a freight forwarder to arrange the shipment. or ask the supplier to arrange and process.


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