Why do Hydroponic Chiller Work for Hydro System? As you can see, it’s very important to prevent high water temperatures in hydroponics. Water chillers are especially important for DWC systems because they tend to heat up faster than systems that circulate nutrient solutions.

Whether you are just getting interested in growing with hydroponics or you are a veteran grower, you may be interested in trying Hydroponic Water Chillers for your hydroponics system. Hydroponic Water Chillers are more popular fixtures and are relatively affordable for the number of benefits that they offer.

There are plenty of different kinds of water chillers for hydroponic systems, and each has its own unique benefits and downsides. The next “Big Thing” is the hydroponic chiller, but how much of this are marketing and hype, and how much is it true about these hydroponic chillers.

To find the underlying cause of the question, we look at everything there is to know about hydroponic chillers to see if they are the best choice if they have a specific use, and there are better options available.


Do Hydroponics Chiller Work for Hydro System



Hydroponic Chillers Advantages in Hydroponics

Before you look at this kind of hydroponic chiller as a good option for your hydroponics system, it is worth looking at its Advantages and Disadvantages of the hydroponic chiller.

Here are the full advantages of Hydroponic Chillers in more detail.


  • High dissolved oxygen levels: The perfect temperatures provided by hydroponic chillers can hold increased quantities of dissolved oxygen, the basis for explosive root growth, and increased nutrient uptake.


  • Decreased risk of dangerous pathogens: Cool, highly oxygenated environments are a deterrent to many of the dangerous pathogens that can overtake a garden.


  • Perfect Temperature: Maintain the perfect water temperature for healthy hydroponic plant growth.




Disadvantages of Hydroponic Chiller in Hydroponics

It is unfortunate, that a hydroponic chiller system, which comes with so many advantages, has to come with some disadvantages at the same time.

  • Heat:  Just like with all operational equipment, water chillers create heat. This requires them to be placed outside of the grow room.
  • Expense: Although becoming increasingly affordable, water chillers are still an investment.
  • Noise: Most of the equipment we employ in our garden creates noise and vibrations.


Mistakes Growers Make with Hydroponic Chiller

As we can see, when using hydroponic chillers in the right scenario or the right phase of growth, they can be effective. However, there can be instances where these water chillers and other aspects are harmful to plants when not used as they are intended.


  • Overheating or Overcool the roots of Plants

This doesn’t happen so much with hydroponic chillers, yet it is something to be wary of. When set too high a temperature of the hydroponic chiller, your plants’ roots will not receive enough oxygen. If set to a lower temperature, Coldwater doesn’t dissolve hydroponic nutrients as well.


  • Not Match the Right of Water Pump

For any hydroponic system that utilizes a hydroponic chiller, there does need to match the right water pump. For each size of hydroponic chiller with different sizes of the water pump. Please check the hydroponic chiller suppliers first.


  • Not Setting Hydroponic Chiller at the Correct Distance

This can be a recurring problem in a couple of ways. Either grower place hydroponic chiller too high or too far. It will affect the water flow and then affect the cooling capacity. While there isn’t a set distance, where a hydroponic chiller needs to be positioned, the best results are often seen with; Hydroponic Chiller which is placed between 2-3 M distance between the reservoir. (Must be ventilated)


  • Purchasing Cheap Hydroponic Chiller

Not all Hydroponic Chiller is made to the same standards. While they can be expensive, this doesn’t mean a cheaper model will be as effective. Cutting corners with any hydroponic fixture never leads to great results. Hydroponic Chillers are no different, and to get healthy plants and grow fast, you should need to find reliable hydroponic chiller manufacturers. Such as Lando Hydroponic Chiller. Please find it here.


Here would like to share with you the ultimate guide to choosing the right hydroponic chiller, which help you to make mistake to avoid.



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