How to find the best water chillers for hydroponics?

 The world of agriculture has truly evolved. You can now grow crops without using soil instead of hydroponics. Also known as, soilless gardening, hydroponics is a branch of agriculture that involves growing plants in an aquatic-based environment, using mineral-rich solutions.

This type of gardening is fast gaining popularity due to its numerous benefits. It does not require much space, and it allows plants to grow up to  50 % faster. Adding a water chiller to a hydroponics system will help you realize even more benefits. The following is a breakdown of what you need to know about chillers, and how to find the best water chillers for hydroponics.


What Is The Hydroponic Water Chiller?


a hydroponic water chiller is a device used in a hydroponic garden to remove heat from the mineral-rich water solution, through an absorption refrigeration cycle. It facilitates a heat exchange process that ensures that the temperature of the nutrient solution remains ideal for plant growth.

Hydroponic water chillers do not work alone, but rather in an intricate water supply system. They work in conjunction with other mechanical water pumps to facilitate the circulation of the nutrient solution throughout the system. During circulation, the nutrient solution is heated accordingly by the mechanical system. The heated solution is then pumped through the water chiller, where the excessive heat is dispersed by the cooling coils found in the chiller. The water chiller ensures that the desired temperature is achieved before circulating the solution back into the hydroponic system.




Why You Need a Hydroponic Water Chiller?


ydroponic gardening is aquatic-based, and it depends solely on the use of water and mineral-rich solutions. When the temperature of the water becomes excessively high, then the growth of plants is subsequently inhibited. High temperatures reduce the much-need oxygen around the root zone, leading to stunted growth. This is where the use of a hydroponic water chiller comes in handy. A water chiller keeps temperatures within an optimum range, ensuring that the nutrient solution can hold dissolved oxygen much longer until it is accessible to the root zone.

Controlling water system temperatures can be a big problem, especially if you have a small reservoir. The fact that water is a good conductor of heat further compounds this problem. You need to cool down your hydroponic system if you are to make anything out of your crops. Your plants will certainly die if they are constantly deprived of enough oxygen. In addition, warm water is a good breeding ground for pathogens and other disease-causing organisms. For these reasons, you must find a way of cooling down your reservoir. There is no better way to do so, than using a hydroponic water chiller.


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What sizes of water chiller do you need?

The size of the water chiller that you need depends on the size of your hydroponic reservoir.

You need to know the size of your reservoir to find the best chiller for your hydroponic garden.


Here is a recommended list of standard water reservoirs and their corresponding water chiller sizes :


1/4 HP   –  85 gallons (300-350 liters)

1/2 HP  –   135 gallons (450-500 liters)

1 HP   –  280 gallons (1000-1200 liters)

1 1/2 HP –  400 gallons (1500-1800 liters)

2 HP  –  550 gallons (2000-2300 liters)



Benefits of using a water chiller for hydroponics

Every system has its upsides and downsides. The upsides of using a water chiller for hydroponics clearly outweigh the downsides.

Here are the benefits of using a water chiller in your hydroponic garden :

 High Oxygen Levels

Water chillers ensure that there is a constant supply of dissolved oxygen throughout the hydroponic system. Cooler temperatures allow for high dissolved oxygen levels. This increases nutrient uptake and allows the root zone to access the optimum oxygen necessary for explosive growth.

Conserves Water

Water chillers are highly efficient when it comes to the conservation of water and energy. The chiller recycles the same water throughout, eliminating the need for draining warm water from the hydroponic system. This reduces the need for a fresh supply of cold water. Additionally, modern water chillers are designed to conserve energy and this has a huge impact on your energy costs.

Eliminates Pathogens

Pathogens and disease-causing organisms often thrive in warm conditions. The likelihood of plants succumbing to diseases is very high in warm temperatures. Installing a water chiller in your hydroponic garden can greatly reduce the risk of plant disease since pathogens cannot thrive in highly oxygenated environments.

Heat Sink

Apart from cooling down your reservoir, a water chiller can also act as a heat sink in a grow room. Water chillers function similarly to air conditioners, and they can absorb and cool heat effectively from your hydroponic garden. In fact, a water chiller is 5 0 percent more efficient than AC, as far as cooling the temperature in a hydroponic garden is concerned.

Higher Yields

Considering the increased oxygen levels, and a pathogen-free environment, the chances of reaping higher yields from your hydroponic garden are very high. Water chillers are essential in creating a favorable environment for your plants to thrive.



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