How To Configure Your Industrial Water Chiller

What you will learn inside this informative guide

  • Check the amount of heat with your system
  • Calculate future growth cooling needs
  • Check the installation environment

The process of water production can be so extremely exorbitant. For this reason, the optimization of the production process proves vital in all industries. At Shenzhen Lando Technology, we are well aware of these gap in the market, hence we strive to be a leading supplier of water chillers. Our brand “Lando” is unbeaten. As a thriving water chiller unit, we have an expansive products, manufacturing and support staff. The Lando Mini Industrial chillers are used for controlled cooling of products, mechanisms, and machinery in several of industries. We narrow down to only manufacturing 1/2HP-5HP chillers.

Tips on how to configure your industrial Water Chiller

With the range of water chillers that we produce, it is necessary to consider certain parameters when choosing your preferred chiller. Identifying the correct size chiller guarantees you years of continuous, efficient cooling for your application.

You need to:

1.Establish the amount of heat your application is generating. The heat load is calculated using the heat removal information we provide alongside our Lando Chillers.
2. Calculate future growth cooling needs.
3. Be certain of the installation environment, this affects your chiller sizes.
4. Put into consideration power characteristics, control options, and color of your preferred chiller.

Our team will guide you thro this decision-making process.

We guide you through determination of BTU (British Thermal Unit) to ensure your chiller is neither oversized nor undersized, but optimally suits a particular application.


Download the guide in PDF