How to make a hydroponics or aquarium water chiller condenser. Here Lando company will reveal the full process production of copper coil condenser.

Step One: The processing of condenser copper tube

1. The machine cutting the tube


2. Copper tube will bend straightening



3.The copper tube bending into U shape




Step Two: The finned condenser processing

1.Put in finned the aluminium foil



2.The punching machine process the finned aluminium foil.



3.Thin to 0095mm fins




4.The fins are automatically folded and formed



Step Three: Condenser assembly

1. Wear pipe-  Insert the long u-shaped tube into the folded fins



2. Expand tube- By expanding the copper and fin, the condenser is formed



3. Bending – Fold the condenser into L or C



4. Welding- The small U bend is welded in accordance with the circuit design.



5. Leak detection- The welding heat exchanger is filled with helium and pressure leak detection to see if there is a leak



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