How to Start an Aquarium Chiller Business or Store? Firstly, you should agree that an Aquarium Chiller business is about making money, which brings us to sales and costs, so let’s start with a real aquarium chiller business(Aquarium company) analysis.

How to Start an Aquarium Chiller Business



An aquarium business provides services to the aquarium or homeowners. Aquarium retail stores stock many types of equipment for aquariums, including a varied stock of Aquarium Tank, Fish, Aquarium Chiller, Filter, Pump. Aquarium staff provides professional system startup and maintenance advice. Aquarium stores also service a non-hobbyist aquarium market. These customers include homeowners with no time or desire to maintain an aquarium, as well as professional offices with decorative aquariums.


  • If you are starting an Aquarium Chiller business with the help of local distribution networks, this article is perfect for you.


  • If you are starting an online Aquarium Chiller brand, this article also works for you, except that you don’t have the advantage of ‘Natural local store traffic’, and you don’t have to spend money decorating your store.


  • This simple analysis uses a business strategy called ‘TTPPRC’, Please find the mindmap as bellow:


As shown in the mindmap, the frameworks look like this:


  • Getting more sales for your aquarium chiller business


  • The trend in aquarium chiller business
  • Getting traffic for your aquarium store
  • Packaging your aquarium chiller & decorate your store
  • Always care for your aquarium products
  • Get more revisit (It’s easier to do business existing customers since you have already had some connections)


     Spending fewer cost

  • Renting fees on store networks
  • Marketing fees
  • Aquarium Chiller Manufacturing costs




1. Getting more sales for your aquarium chiller business


  • The trend in aquarium chiller business
  1. Home Aquarium
  2. Public Aquarium
  3. Other


  1. Inline Water Chillers
  2. Drop-In Chiller
  3. Multi-Temp Chillers



  • A list of some online/offline brands:



  •  Getting traffic for your aquarium chiller store

You will have some natural traffic since your store is open to the streets, this appears as one of your advantages, but do remember, you have to pay for the rents. In these stores, you will execute some promotions so that your performance won’t be so bad in the first couple of months after launching.

As you are pursuing more traffic to come, so you will publish advertisements (Facebook, Instagram ads recommended, where you can target a very explicit audience, you can search in Youtube for tutorials) to create some sense of brand popularity.


  • Design your chiller & decorate your store

Design is important, as you are running on local store networks, decorations are something that needs further attention, customers will step into your store because they love its style, otherwise they will just run away.


  • Always care for your aquarium products

Never forget your products, and keep a solid relationship with your manufacturers. Money counts but it don’t mean everything, you should find a responsible manufacturer, I think you can feel it while communicating. If possible, please fly to China and have a face-to-face meet with the manager+sales representative, which helps you sleep well in the night.

Get more revisit (It’s easier to do business existing customers since you have already had some connections)

Aquarium Chiller subscriptions (monthly, seasonally, annually) are highly recommended, it helps you estimate your sales, also, helps with aquarium chiller stocking planning which we will be discussed below

Memberships. Ask your customers to sign in your email lists, ( so that they will receive promotions for the first time), small gifts giveaways are also applicable too.

Social Network Sharing again——Highest ROI action.


2. Spending fewer costs


  • Renting fees on store networks

We will not talk much about that, you must know about the local commercial conditions.

If you are starting an online store business, you should consider the cost of creating a socks website here.

  • Marketing fees

As said above, SNS (Facebook/Linkedin )ads are more recommended, you can try Google Adwords too.

  • Manufacturing costs

I can talk about this whole day if you would like to hear, but I want to make it short here: Aquarium Chiller Manufacturing is just a small part of the whole line of business, many Chinese manufacturers will complain at earning low manufacturing fees, but they don’t realize the importers (like you) are spending much more time planning, executing, and sustaining the business. So, everybody works and gets his own share, fair enough.

As you may be curious about the specific price of aquarium chiller manufacturing, there isn’t a specific number since it varies with your quantity, design, and cooling capacity chosen.


3. Conclusions and tips for starting your aquarium chiller company


In conclusion, you will need the following prepared to run the aquarium chiller business:


If you have years of experience with your own saltwater aquariums, working for a period of time in an Aquarium store will greatly increase your odds of success. If not, we can supply you with FREE technical support.


Any successful retail business person will tell you that there are three things that are essential to succeeding: Location, location, and location. Need to find the right location.

Business Plan

Some of the things you will research are your competition (any other Aquarium store in the area?), demographics (how many people are there in your area?), potential storefronts, local regulations, traffic patterns, potential cash flow, etc.

Knowledge and Advice

What keeps customers coming back to your Aquarium store? That is knowledge and solid advice. You need to learn more professional knowledge and supply the right recommendations to your customers.


If you set up an Aquarium Chiller store, you need to find a reliable supplier. In some situations you can go directly to a manufacturer, bypassing the middleman and getting a much better price on products. Lando Aquarium Chiller may your optional.


Aquarium chiller was manufactured by Lando using compressor refrigeration to cool recirculated water for cooling saltwater and freshwater aquarium. Also supporting industrial process cooling applications including plastic processing machine, medical machines, food and beverage industry, chemical industry and other industrial cooling processes. Lando uses hermetic scroll compressors, featuring few moving parts, high efficiency, superior reliability, high-efficiency water-cooled condenser, pure titanium material heat exchanger. To ensure the aquarium chiller performance and easy maintenance.


NOTE: If you want to find a responsible aquarium chiller manufacturer, you can directly email to our sales service:




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