The United States was one of the popular markets when it comes to ice baths, cold plunge pool immersion. So the ice bath chiller, cold plunge pool chiller that comes with it is essential.

Everyone is looking to get into their market but only the ones with the best quality are acceptable.

I’m very familiar with what they have to offer and it’s quite difficult to make the world’s top list.

But, I made the top 10 ice bath chiller companies in the USA list with a lot of research.

Based on what I compiled, every company on it has a great reputation worldwide.




Shenzhen Lando Chiller

Location: Shenzhen
Company type: manufacturing, wholesale
Year founded: 2005
The number of employees: <100
Main product: Ice Bath Chiller
Other products: Any cooling system



Lando chiller

The influence Lando has on the market was the reason to place us on the US list. Great reputation and over a decade of experience helped us achieve our goal. Being among the best means millions in sales but I also include great designs as one of the factors. As we have a professional team to help you design unique products which match your requirements.

The US has great potential and we provide services all over the world. We pay attention not only to the appearance but also to the performance, efficiency, and speed of cooling capacity. Using advanced technology, Lando Ice bath chiller can clean water without the use of chemicals for long life and energy savings. Easy to operate.


American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems

Location: North Augusta, South Carolina
Company type: manufacturing, wholesale
Year founded: 2002
The number of employees: <50
Main product: Drinking Water Chillers
Other products: Cold Plunge Water Chillers, Dry Cleaning Water Chillers, and Cooling Towers



American chiller


One of the most popular companies when it comes to water chillers in the US is American Chillers & Cooling Tower Systems. They have everything that I would call a great firm. Being over 30 years in the industry they worked with some of the world’s top companies. like NASA, GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Varian, US Gov’t, US Navy, and many more.

The products that American Chiller offers are manufactured to the highest industrial standards. We think their talented design team will be able to create the most functional and efficient product for you.


Whaley Products, Inc

Location: McKinney, TX 75070
Company type: Manufacturing, Wholesale
Year founded: 1993
The number of employees: <50
Main product: Industrial Cooling Systems
Other products: Cold Plunge Water Chillers, Heat Exchange Equipment, Industrial business                                                            

cold plunge

cold plunge


Whaley Products has been in the industrial process cooling industry since 1993. Something that I value more than time is the strict quality guidelines they have. Quality equipment, precision engineering, and outstanding service are their strives for excellence.

Another benefit is through 25-plus years of hard work gaining the trust of its customers, which include end-users, OEMs, suppliers, distributors, and growing quickly.


Chiller City Corporation

Location: Arizona, United States
Company type: Manufacturing,Wholesale
Year founded: 1999
The number of employees: < 25
Main product: recirculating chillers, temperature baths, heat exchangers
Other products: environmental chambers, ovens, industrial freezers, and temperature forcing equipment





This organization has been operating for approximately 22 years.
The company specializes in Neslab and ThermoNeslab Chillers and temperature baths but has a large selection of equipment from other manufacturers such as Bay Voltex, Blue-M, Cincinnati Sub Zero, FTS, Haskris, Lytron, Lydall/Affinity, Revco, Tenney, Temptronic, Thermionic, and others.


General Air Products, Inc

Location: Exton, Pennsylvania, United States
Company type: Manufacturing,wholesale
Year founded: 1936
The number of employees: < 100
Main product: air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers
Other products: fluid pumping stations, heat exchangers, fire protection air compressors, desiccant air dryers


general air products

general air products

General Air Products is an experienced leader in the process cooling and compressed air equipment industries since 1936. They carry a huge selection of standard fluid handling equipment, but we really specialize in custom and special products.

Their company lives by the motto “Quality and Service Since 1936.” Quality starts with our impressive selection of standard equipment.



Glacier Pool Coolers

Location: Scottsdale, AZ, United States
Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
Year founded: 2005
The number of employees: < 100
Main product: Pool Coolers, Heat Pump Chiller.
Other products: Electrical Fan, Heat Exchange


glacier pool coolers

glacier pool coolers


Glacier Pool Coolers is a Texas-born company. Their Coolers was chosen by the U.S. team as their pool chiller for this year’s Summer Olympics is in Japan. The company used this knowledge to cool water in pools, fish hatcheries, sea life exhibits, hydro farms, and stacked lakes globally.


AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
Year founded: 1995
The number of employees: < 150
Main product: swimming pool heat pumps
Other products: pumps, robotic cleaner, salt chlorine generators, pool tile and pavers, water chillers




AquaCal is the largest manufacturer of residential swimming pool equipment in the world, For over 30-years, this company has been enhancing pool ownership by manufacturing cutting-edge, advanced pool and spa equipment. The company, which has built its brand on innovation, energy efficiency, safety, and reliability, with more than 13 brands.


MistCooling, Inc

Location: Brookshire, TX 77423, USA
Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
Year founded: 2002
The number of employees: < 50
Main product: Mist Cooling Systems
Other products: Mist Fan, Pool Chiller




Mistcooling, Inc. is an innovative leading manufacturer of mist fans and misting systems. By providing high-quality mist cooling products, outstanding customer service, and greater value. They provide the most effective and professional service through their employees’ functional and technical expertise to their customers.


Chillking Chillers Inc

Location: Bastrop, TX 78602
Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
Year founded: 2003
The number of employees: < 50
Main product: Water Chiller
Other products: Dry Cooler, Hot Tub





In 2003, Chillking Chillers Inc. was incorporated in the state of Texas. Chillking Manufacturing Group LTD based in Dublin Ireland is a branch of Chillking Chillers Inc. They test every chiller under load and each has a BTU test for 110% LWT. They are the only chiller manufacturer with such a guarantee.



J&M Fluidics

Location: Telford PA 18969.
Company type: Manufacturing, Wholesalers
Year founded: 2013
The number of employees: < 50
Main product: Industrial chillers
Other products: other cooling systems


J&M fluidics

J&M fluidics


The J&M Fluidics’ mission is to provide innovative, high-quality process chillers, tank and pump skids, custom fluid cooling solutions, and economizer products to the U.S.
They strive to target medical, industrial, commercial, OEM, and residential markets.