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Why Choose Lando Ice Bath Chillers?

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    Lando thrives on manufacturing superior quality ice bath chiller and customized solutions for brand owners, wholesalers and delears to ignite a lighter business.

    Our Products

    The Lando Portable Ice Bath Cooler is affordable and easy to move. It can cool up to 300-2000L and is capable of reaching 0-5ºC.

    • Use compressor made by the world’s leading brands.

    • Ozonation disinfection function.

    • Wifi Controller

    • Outdoor use, Waterproof  IPX4

    • Cooling or Cooling and Heating function

    • Water and electricity are separated, making the product safer.

    • Ice bath chillers made with premium grade copper tubing.
    • Portable cooling units and easy to move.

    • Fast cooling with low noise.

    Tested by World-class Athletes in all sports


    Frequently Asked Questions

    An ice bath is a method for recovering from physical and mental strain in which you soak your entire body in a tub between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, or 10-15 degrees Celsius. A tub with ice bath chillers which can be cool down to reach this temperature, or ice can be melted to achieve this temperature.

    1. Confirm the size of ice bath.
    2. Confirm the cooling time and required cooling temperature.
    3. Confirm the right voltage.
    4. Confirm freshwater or saltwater use.
    5. Customized design is welcome.

    Don’t exceed 15 minutes in the ice bath. During this time, try to remain in the bath as long as possible. due to the risk of hypothermia and frostbite. If you notice that your skin is changing colors, then it is important to get out. Working up to the recommended 15 minutes without pushing your body beyond its limits is recommended.

    According to medical experts, cold water relieves pain by constricting blood vessels.

    During physical therapy, contrast baths are used to quickly change from warm to cold, which helps to quickly open and close the tiny capillaries (blood vessels) in your body.  Blood vessels near the site of an injury rapidly open and close, creating a pumping action that helps decrease swelling and inflammation. It is possible to alleviate pain and improve mobility by decreasing swelling and inflammation.

    Here are 7 potential benefits of ice baths

    1. It Can Boost Your Immune System
    2. It Can Increase Your Blood Flow
    3. It Can Boost Your Metabolism
    4. It Can Reduce Inflammation and muscle soreness
    5. It Can Help You Sleep Better
    6. It Can Increased energy and resilience
    7. It Can Boost Your Mental Health

    Taking an ice bath can improve your sleep and feeling by affecting the central nervous system.  Over 80% of athletes who take ice baths report improved mental state and better sleep.

    It is great to take an ice bath after a hard workout to speed up your recovery. Though most athletes accept this to be true, most of us don’t really understand why. Taking an ice bath reduces inflammation and increases circulation, which helps eliminate metabolic waste after a workout by getting the blood flowing. It can also help improve sleep because it stimulates the central nervous system. In addition to being accessible even for beginners, ice baths can improve your performance and general health as long as you don’t stay in too long – and don’t have any cardiovascular complications.

    Cryotherapy can be effective after just one session, but it’s most effective when used regularly.  Athletes sometimes use cryotherapy twice a day. In some cases, people will go daily for ten days and then once a month after that.

    There are some risks associated with ice baths for people with pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and circulatory problems.  Make sure you consult your doctor before trying any new recovery method, especially one that exposes your body to extreme temperatures.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Our manufacturing plant works round the clock to provide the customized ice bath chiller to the preferences of the clients.

    We take pride in being able to meet production deadlines and provide  the efficient quality ice bath chillers to our clients. Our technicians are experts in cooling fields and are committed to delivering the unique product in the allotted delivery schedules.

    Our focus is on customer satisfaction and we aim to deliver our super quality ice bath coolers according to the specifications provided to us by our customers. Our employees understand that time and quality are important. When we commit to a certain timeframe and promise the quality, rest assured that this would be done so.


    Lando delivers ease and professionalism. They take care of manufacture super quality ice bath chillers. Due to the high quality of Lando chillers, we have more time to focus on market development.

    Matt Johnston from European


    We choose the Lando ice bath chiller, not only the product cooperation, but to choose a long-term professional product suppliers, through cooperation, the Lando chillers in product quality, duration, cost and other aspects of effective control left us a professional, cost-effective, efficient and good impression.

    Wayne – USA


    Excellent customer service! More values I have ordered products from Lando for clients. All employees of the company have maintained a helpful and courteous attitude and are willing to provide any assistance. Our cooperation is always very pleasant. Lando company high quality products, timely delivery and amazing customer service is always worthy of my trust.

    J. Bell – From Canada

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