Lando is an international Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Suppliers in China. Manufacturing and supplying industrial chiller for some of the most respected and innovative brands in the marketplace.


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Lando is a top-of-the-line design, production, and maintenance provider of Industrial Chiller, Aquarium Chillers, Hydroponic Water Chillers, Cold Plunge Pool Chillers, Water Cooled Air Conditioner, Laser Water Chiller, and other OEM cooling solution manufacturers, If you’d like to develop a new customized industrial water chillers with your brand, we have well over 20 decades of cooling experience blending chill and heat with products, product lines, fine water chillers and more. Effortlessly find any kinds of industrial chillers on

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We are leading Chinese Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Suppliers. We Build Great Cooling Capacity That Builds Great Brands!

As Industrial Chiller creators, Lando has been making the best cooling capacity, one customized cooling and heating function at a time, for more than 20 decades. Every day, Lando is a solutions cooling service organization that can meet the challenges you face in your specific industries. As a leading Industrial Chiller company with the most innovative and sustainable technologies, Lando was formed to combine the talents and resources of cooling specialists that have worked together for over 20 years in which providing the most cutting edge industrial chiller products.

Lando is a successful brand in China and abroad. The company is dynamically developing, constantly expanding its product range and actively participating in social projects. We are not only your reliable industrial chiller supplier. but also a commercial partner offering cooling and heating solutions. You are currently looking for a partner who can assist you in the realization of your projects; we remain of course at your disposal. Let us do what we do best and revolutionize your industrial chiller product line with our cooling expert.


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Our Industry Expertise Raises The Bar Above The Competition.

Lando specializes in Industrial Chiller, Water Cooled Chiller, Water air Chiller to accommodate the needs of all industries concerned with utilizing. Located in Shenzhen, China, Lando manufactures a vast array of cooling products that run the gamut from the mini chiller, own brands, high power chiller products, and aquarium to hydroponic products, industrial & SPA Pool and so much more.

The Water Chillers at Lando are never satisfied until our customers are. Always striving to do better than the competition, our mission is to be the best we can be and our expertise is constantly evolving to meet the complex and sophisticated demands of our valued customers. We are armed with cutting edge cooling technologies, state-of-the-art laboratories, most effective selection of compact & portable cooling solutions for demanding environments. Submit an inquiry or call to speak with our team (86) 15814051508.

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Personalized Service For Every Unique Industrial Chiller Application

Lando is unique in more ways than one. With all the global presence and prestige of a globally-recognized leader in chiller creation, we are still as customized for the needs of any sized company from start-ups to multi-national firms. Each customer, regardless of their size and branding project, gets our total attention and care, unlike any other available today. We can also offer industrial chiller material manufacturing that includes a customized heat exchanger and condenser services for start-up projects.

We specialize in unique industrial chiller creation and understand the power of the cooling solution. We strive to innovate with our clients, particularly retailers, on how they can best enhance their bottom line and build brands with water chiller marketing products, concepts, and ideas. We nurture creativity and encourage scientific innovation. Speak with our team today, WhatsApp: 86-15814051508 or submit an inquiry and start cooling solution for your product.

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Our Professional Affiliations -Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Suppliers

Over the course of the last twenty years, Lando has made many professional allies within the cooling industry. and in the case of Lando, our friends are the best in the business. Lando is a solutions cooling service organization that can meet the challenges you face in your specific industries.

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Lando has been formed to combine the talents and resources of cooling specialists that have worked together for over 20 years. Our product experience covers Aquaculture/Seafood, Public Aquariums, and Oceanariums, Hydroponics system, Laser Industrial, Cold Plunge Pool, and SPA.

One of our customers is ECO. Founded in 1930, this is the oldest non-profit organization dedicated to the water treatment industry. which has helped to make our company a true leader in cutting edge cooling technologies.




No matter what your application, you can count on our team at Lando to handle OEM production of industrial chillers and exceed expectations. We keep you in the loop from the design stages up until completion. feature precise temperature stability and control, and are made for applications that require low-temperature process cooling. Contact us today for more information on our variety of industrial chillers!

Before you import Industrial Water Chiller, please talk to me. Let’s make a deal. We are Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Suppliers and can be very aggressive. We have professional technical staff wh can make high quality in a short time.  Mail:, Whatsapp: 86-15814051508






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