//Lando Hydroponic Aquarium Chillers Shipping Photos on Nov.

Lando Hydroponic Aquarium Chillers Shipping Photos on Nov.

Have you ever spent a ton of time with a prospective supplier, and later learned they aren’t a fit for your services?

Lando is a top-of-the-line design, production, and provider of Aquarium Chillers, Hydroponic Water Chillers,SPA pool chiller, Laser Water Chiller, and other OEM cooling system.

Founded in 2012. Our tradition of quality water chillers and service begins from the moment you first contact us. but does not end at the point of sale. It continues on through the use of Lando water chillers. We are proud of our client relationships and put their needs before our own. We recognize that it is through their success that we will realize ours!




Here would like to share you the Lando Water Chiller shipping photos to our customers from all over the world on Nov.

Shipping Dated: 1, Nov. – OEM Water Chiller cooling for pool / SPA shipped to Spain Customer



Shipping Dated: 2, Nov. – 5.0HP Hydroponic Chillers shipped to Malaysia Customer



Shipping Dated: 5, Nov. – Split Aquarium Chillers shipped to American Customer



Shipping Dated: 16, Nov. – Aquarium Chillers shipped to Kenya Customer



Shipping Dated: 20, Nov. -Heat Exchanger 2.0HP to 50HP shipped to Portugal Customer




Shipping Dated: 23, Nov. -Aquarium Chillers shipped to Japan Customer




Shipping Dated: 26, Nov. -LD-3.0HP Aquarium Water Chillers shipped to Singapore Customer




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