Shenzhen Lando Company, Which is a professional for Hydroponic Water Chillers, Aquarium Water Chillers, Industrial Water Chillers, Grow Room Air Conditioner manufacture with more than 12 years in China.



Hydroponics Water chillers that fit your indoor garden and hydroponics system from 1/10 HP to more than 5 HP.       It can keep the perfect temperature of the hydroponic system and gardens. Make sure to match water chillers with the correct size.


Find the right an aquarium chiller and heating is the best way to keep your aquarium water temperature stable and safe for fish and corals. Are you in need of a reliable chiller for your aquarium?



Laser industrial water chillers used to cool the laser, such as the cooling laser machine (UV led lamp, UV led printer), cooling for milling machine etc.



How to Cool a grow room? Lando Air conditioners can be an excellent choice for cooling grow rooms. Mini design and it can keep the fluctuating temperature and humidity.


Lando Water Chiller can supply you with high quality, competitive price and fast delivery.

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