//Lando Water Chillers

Lando Water Chillers

Shenzhen Lando Company is a professional Hydroponic Water Chillers, Aquarium Water Chillers, Industrial Water Chillers, Water-Chilled Air Conditioning manufacture in China.

1. Hydroponic Chillers to keep hydroponic solution in your reservoir at the perfect temperature of hydroponic systems, hydroponic growers, hydroponic farming and gardens.
2. Aquarium Chillers to keep the fish in your aquarium or tank at the comfortable temperature.
3. Laser industrial water chillers used to cool the laser, such as cooling laser machine (uv led lamp, uv led printer), cooling labor machine etc.

4. Water-Chilled Air Conditioning, keep the comfortable climate in your home or building.

If you are interested in our Lando water chillers, please get back us soon.

Whatsapp : + 86 158 1405 1508
Email: sales@cnlando.com
Website : www.lando-chillers.com

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