Mold Temperature Controllers featuring total temperature control. It is also abbreviated as MTC.

The function of a mold temperature controller is to push the coolant to flow and stabilize the coolant temperature.

Mold Temperature Controllers


What is The Mold Temperature Controller?

A mold temperature controller is a small piece of equipment used for heating the connected mold to obtain the correct operating temperature in a minimal or specified time and maintain the set temperature by heating or cooling. Temperature control units are used to preheat the mold and then to keep the mold at the temperature setpoint by circulating coolant (water or oil) through the mold. The PID multi-stage temperature control system can maintain a mold accuracy of ± 0.5°C.


What Is The Application for The Mold Temperature Controller?

Lando offers superior quality Mold Temperature Controller series which is designed to maintain a constant temperature of Mold during the Molding process. It is engineered to provide precise temperature control. Compact design and easy for mobility. Our Mould Temperature Controller is known for its reliability & accuracy. It can be customized to different specifications to meet the different applications of all of the customers. The mold temperature controller is widely used in injection plastic molding like the automobile Industry, medical plastic industry, light guide plate die casting, rubber tires, rollers, chemical reaction kettles, bonding, and other industries.


Types of Temperature Controller Unit from Lando

Now it is generally divided into an oil type and water type mold temperature controller. Lando Mold Temperature Controller is available in water and oil. The temperature can be maintained between 40 – 120°C in the case of water and 40-200°C in the case of oil.

Features of the Temperature Controller Unit from Lando.

Precise temperature control, temperature fluctuations do not exceed the set temperature value +/- 0.5C,rapid heating, reducing start-up time, optimize energy consumption, using precise temperature control, compact design makes installation quick and easy positioning, to facilitate maintenance operations for all components.

◆computer touch control, easy to operate, and easy to understand.

◆Japanese imports microcomputer dual PID temperature control table, touch-type storage, automatic calculation,     saving more than 35%.

◆security protection and fault indication system.

◆imported components, life is long.

◆heating and cooling speed, temperature accuracy, and stability.

◆Temperature control: water temperature 45-120C.

◆unique power heats up the design, suitable for different places to use temperature control, energy-saving effect.

◆stainless steel body shape, pipe small donation, add cooked evenly.

◆boot automatically exhaust function.

◆mold backwater temperature detection table.


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