Project Description

Lando supplies a variety of air cooled chillers for a wide range of comfort and process cooling applications.

Our air cooled screw chillers reduce energy consumption intelligently.

Advanced Feature :

►  Lower annual energy costs

► Lower the volume noise

► Improve sustainability from every angle.

►  Power control panel

Including Y – △ activation (electromagnetic switch), delay switch, control relay, inverse phase protection switch, stop the activation switch and overload protector.

►  Operating display

Adopting electronic mechanical screen operation. has shown in ice water outlet temperature conditions, set alarm indicator (motor coil overheating, an abnormally high and low pressure, oil level anomalies, flow switch, an abnormal temperature, water temperature too low), etc.

Function Remarks
Item No. LD-300W-A
Unit Size 2900×900×1800 mm
Cooling Capacity 258000 Kcal/h
Cooling  capacity 300kW
Rated Voltage AC 480v-60HZ – AC 380V-50HZ
Precision ±0.3℃
Compressor Power 100HP
Compressor Semi-Hermetic Screw
Current 109
Power 61kw
OEM /ODM Welcome
Energy 91%
Efficient 94%
Silence 95%

ith our Lando Air Cooled Chillers can make lower your annual energy costs by as much as half. This air cooled screw chiller provides superior performance while lowering energy consumption and dramatically reducing noise levels. The chillers through advanced heat exchangers and smart controls got the elevated efficiency so that can meet your unique needs.