Project Description

A Hydro Chiller is beneficial for hydroponic method of cultivation,as they help plants grow rapidly and in a healthy way . For the hydro water chiller incorporate a circulating pump all around the system-be it NFT , DWC or even flood or drain system.

Advanced Features :

• Ideal to keep hydroponic system in your reservoir at the perfect temperature.

• Microcomputer control system and LCD display.

• Freon free, environmentally friendly (R134a or R410 ).

• Auto restart and temperature memory in the event of a power failure .

• Quality construction – 100% pure titanium evaporator ,suitable for saltwater and freshwater used .

• Large refrigeration capacity (recommended 3000-5000L)

• Power : 5 HP

• Warranty : 1 year

Function Remarks
Item No. Hydro Chiller LD-5HP-BC/BW
Unit Size 905*405*1010 MM
Recommended Tank Size 3000-5000L
Cooling (Heating) capacitly 1600W / 1800W
Rated Voltage AC 220V-380V
Rated Cycle 50HZ- 60HZ
Rated Power 5.0 HP
Refrigerant R410A or R134A
Outlet / Inlet Size Φ50 mm
Weight 105 kg
OEM /ODM Welcome
Energy 91%
Efficient 94%
Silence 95%

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