Project Description

The Hydro Chiller System that fit your indoor garden or farms. For the hydroponics system from 1/10 HP to more than 5 HP.  Make sure to match water chillers with the correct size suitable for your tank or reservoir.

Advanced Features :

• Ideal for keeping hydroponic solution in your reservoir or aquarium at the perfect temperature

• Microcomputer control system and LCD display, very user-friendly

• Large refrigeration capacity (recommended 500-800L)

• Uses environmentally friendly refrigerant (uses R134a or R410 )

• Auto restart and temperature memory in the event of a power failure

• Comes with 2 fittings to allow chiller to be plumbed with 1″ hard PVC pipe or 1″ flexible tubing

• Power : 3/4 HP

• Warranty : 1 year

Function Remarks
Item No. Hydro Chiller System LD -3/4HP-AC /AW
Unit Size 49*38*37CM
Recommended Tank Size 600-900L
Cooling (Heating) capacitly 2100W / 2300W
Rated Voltage AC 110V-240V
Rated Cycle 50HZ- 60HZ
Rated Power 0.75HP
Refrigerant R410A or R134A
Outlet / Inlet Size Φ25mm
Weight 32kg
OEM /ODM Welcome


Energy 91%
Efficient 94%
Silence 95%

he Hydro Chiller System are used in cooling down the temperature for hydroponics . They help the plants to be healthy by keeping the comfortable temperature .When you use hydro chiller system, the root zone temperatures should be a priority. As it is one of the best ways of improving plant performance, Lando water chillers are one of the most effective ways of producing optimal root zone temperatures.