Project Description

Lando Ice Bath Machine delivers incredible cooling power that brings the water to a lower temperature. This innovative piece of technology, created with impeccable attention to detail is able to provide exceptional cooling power in a compact sturdy, robust, and easy-to-transport package. If you’re looking for quick recovery sessions or a refreshing swim, Lando makes it possible at any time and anywhere.

You can set the temperature of your ice bath, no matter what season it is with our portable ice bath machine. Lando Ice Bath Machines are perfect for athletes looking to accelerate their recovery between events. Easy setup with quiet operation and exceptional reliability are all available in a compact transportable machine that’s priced at a reasonable price.

You don’t have to worry about having to carry bags of ice around. Simply connect the Lando Ice Bath Machine to your bath and set the temperature you want and let the machine take care of the rest. Its cutting-edge electronic controls and sophisticated refrigerant system ensure that the temperature of your bath remains consistent. The Lando Ice Bath Machine can cool small baths in as little as an hour, making it one of the most portable machines on the market.

Advanced Features:

● Wifi Controller or Digital Controller (Optional)

● Cooling and Heating function( Optional)

● Indoor or outdoor used -Waterproof ( Optional)

● Compact Design with power cooling capacity

● Use the brand compressor refrigeration system.

● Over Current and overheat the auto-protection system.

● Heavy-duty galvanized steel housing with a durable powder-coated finish.

● The Ice bath Chiller is designed for quiet operation and is easy to move.

● Friendly refrigerant

● Warranty: 12 months

● OEM is welcome

Function Remarks
Item No. Ice Bath Chiller
Unit Size 385*226*432 mm
Recommended Tank Size Customized
Controller WIFI Controller or Without
Rated Voltage AC 110V-240V / 50-60HZ
Function Cooling or Cooling and heating function
Rated Power 1.0HP
Refrigerant R410A
Outlet / Inlet Size Optional
OEM Welcome
Energy 91%
Efficient 94%
Silence 95%

he Lando Ice Bath Machine is ideal for workout recovery. with top cooling power and a small size. The case which made from high-grade aluminum, durable wheels and strong handles to make it easier to transport. The Lando Ice Bath Machine can be used with the Lando Pool, or in your own bath. It includes all basic accessories and can be used with all setups. Compressors from leading global brands are used in our incredibly efficient Cooling unit systems. Our cooling systems are equipped with advanced electronics that have been manufactured to industry standards. The refrigeration system utilizes premium copper tubing, while the heat exchangers use pure titanium. This allows you to use chemicals for your ice bath or tub.