Project Description

Lando series water temperature controller is designed to heat molds while maintaining a consistent temperature. The mold temperature control unit is used to bring a connected mold (consumer) to operating temperature.  Each water temperature control unit is designed and built to meet or exceed the customer’s demanded and performance standards. Choose Lando for your next water temperature control unit now!

Advanced Feature :

Precise temperature control, temperature fluctuations will not exceed the set temperature value +/- 0.5°C, rapid heating, reducing start-up time, optimize energy consumption, using precise temperature control, compact design makes installation quick and easy positioning, to facilitate maintenance operations for all components.
♦ computer touch control, easy to operate, and easy to understand.
♦ Japanese imports microcomputer dual PID temperature control table, touch-type storage, automatic calculation, saving more than 35%・
♦ security protect!on and fault indication system.
♦ imported components, life is long.
♦ heating and cooling speed, temperature accuracy, and stability.
♦ Temperature control: water temperature 45-120°C・
♦ unique power heats up the design, suitable for different places to use temperature control, energy-saving effect.
♦ stainless steel body shape, pipe small donation, add cooked evenly.
♦ boot automatically exhaust function.
♦ mold backwater temperature detection table

Energy 91%
Efficient 94%
Silence 95%

ando manufacturers mold temperature control units which fit for water, hot oil, and mold temperature controller for a variety of applications. They are self-contained and reach a heating temperature of 350°F (120°C). The PID multi-stage temperature control system can maintain a mold accuracy of ± 0.5°C.