Project Description

Lando Spot Coolers are manufactured especially for spot cooling this can be used to dehumidify for shipyard and keep you at a comfortable temperature. Or use for building to dry out wet concrete.  Our Spot Coolers are optimized for high-capacity cooling conditions. Various models can also include heating, dehumidifying, cooling capabilities.

Advanced Feature :

  • Any size is available.
  • Eco-friendly 410A refrigerant
  • Skid-mounted with forklift pockets
  • Square to round plenums for easy duct attachment
  • Heat options are available
  • Full intelligent control, humidity adjustable
  • Dry and wet separation design, independent electronic control system, the operation is more secure and reliable
  • Optional blowout ports and duct can be provided
  • Popular at shipyards and construction sites.

Spot Cooler Specification

Energy 91%
Efficient 94%
Silence 95%

ando provides this Spot Cooler and is widely used at the shipyard. Which adopts an automatic control system, imported fully enclosed rotary compressor, high-efficiency heat exchanger, and other advanced components. As it is convenient and keeps a comfortable temperature. it is now put into use in all types of fields and construction sites.