Project Description

For the titanium heat exchanger which suitable for the saltwater aquarium. A heat exchanger is a device which transfers heat from one medium to another, a Hydraulic Oil Cooler or example will remove heat from hot oil by using cold water or air. Alternatively, a Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger uses hot water from a boiler or solar heated water circuit to heat the pool water. Heat is transferred by conduction through the exchanger materials which separate the mediums being used. A shell and tube heat exchanger passes fluids through and over tubes, whereas an air-cooled heat exchanger passes cool air through a core of fans to cool a liquid.

Energy 91%
Efficient 94%
Silence 95%

he Heat Exchangers for Aquariums Work Condition:

1)Refrigerant side(In the tube): R22,R134a,R407c,R410a etc.
2)Waterside (Between the tube and PVC-U shell): Nature water, sea water, salt water or other corrosive solution.

1)Heat transfer Tube: Pure titanium tube.
2)Shell: PVC-U.


1)Usually used for cooling.
2)Pure titanium tube has super strong corrosion proof ability and high intensity.
3) The seamless titanium tube was tested by 4.0MPa pressure precise Halogen Leak Detection to make sure the tube is strong and not leakage.
4)The PVC-U shell was tested by 0.2Mpa water pressure to make sure the water system not leakage.


Aquarium heat exchanger is widely used for mariculture, seafood refrigeration, seafood cooling & heating machine, desalination of seawater, food & beverage manufacturing, salt manufacturing, metallurgy, papermaking, ultrasonic, telecommunications and central heating etc.