Project Description

Lando brand of water-cooled screw chiller adopt advanced double screw compressor, enough, combined with the perfect matching of different parts, has small volume, low noise, big power, long life, easy operation, etc;Are equipped with a condenser pressure is too high, cold water flow is too low, low oil pressure of compressor exhaust temperature is too high, the main motor overload, compressor, evaporator, pressure is too low, the failure of controller, sensors, safety protection device.

Advanced Feature :

►  Compressor

Use the most advanced of Taiwan semi-closed screw refrigerant compressor.

►  Condenser

Composed with the capacity of the water-cooled condenser, steel pipe is made, the thickness of the shell adopts 6 mm above the antirust processin.

►  Evaporator

Evaporator with internal thread type high -efficiency heat exchange tubes, brass outside thread smooth surface and waterside baffle plate to take the short circuit design, mix the frozen water in thermal efficiency is improved.

►  Power control panel

Including Y – △ activation (electromagnetic switch), delay switch, control relay, inverse phase protection switch, stop the activation switch and overload protector.

►  Operating display

Adopting electronic mechanical screen operation, has shown in ice water outlet temperature conditions, set alarm indicator (motor coil overheating, an abnormal high and low pressure, oil level anomalies, flow switch, an abnormal temperature, water temperature too low), etc.

Function Remarks
Item No. LD-300W-A
Unit Size 2900×900×1800 mm
Cooling Capacity 258000 Kcal/h
Cooling  capacity 300kW
Rated Voltage AC 480v-60HZ – AC 380V-50HZ
Precision ±0.3℃
Compressor Power 100HP
Compressor Semi-Hermetic Screw
Current 109
Power 61kw
OEM /ODM Welcome
Energy 91%
Efficient 94%
Silence 95%

he Lando water-cooled screw chillers provide the ideal solution for sound sensitive environments.  these chillers provide some of the lowest sound levels in the industry. We have the water cooled screw chillers from 10HP to 200HP .