Aquarium Chiller for Sale LD -1/2HP-BC /BW


Looking for the best Aquarium Chiller for sale ? The best Aquarium Chiller is the one that is the right size for your aquarium with the right price. The aquarium chiller shouldn’t be too big or too small–it needs to be just right, or it won’t be able to properly cool your tank , usually 100-120 Gallon fit for our LD- 1/2 HP .

Active Aqua Chiller LD-1 1/2HP-BC /BW


Lando Active Aquarium Chiller with high BTU rating (heat removal). Quiet operation. Powerful compressor. Uses R134A or R410A friendly Freon. Includes fittings and instructions for easy set up. Titanium Chiller for use with Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums. High quality, durable, reliable and ultra compact design .

Aqua Chiller LD-2HP-BC/BW


All the Aqua Chiller we offer utilize environmentally friendly coolants. All chillers come with digital LCD temperature controllers that measure your aquarium's temperature .If a chiller is needed for your aquarium . it should be planned into the system as early as possible. The aqua water chiller used for cooling the water need to be placed in an sufficient area to avoid the over heating.