Grow Room Air Conditioner


The Lando Water Chiller as a grow room air conditioning system which keeps the right temperature & humidity for your indoor hydroponic garden. Compared with other air conditioning systems, like central  AC system or a window unit, Lando grows room air conditioner full system is very flexible, especially for your hydroponics growing room or hydroponic garden system. We can supply full system as bellow ( fan coil/air conditioner/controller (may connect SMS )/Tank and other parts )

Chilled Water Air Conditioning LD-5HP-AC


In a Chilled Water Air Conditioning, water does the chore of absorbing heat from inside and transfering that heat outside to be dispersed into the atmosphere. Usually need only one Water Chiller Air Conditioner then can be cool several rooms individually . As with each room having it's own chilled water air handler.

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