Nutrient Solution Heater/Chillers LD-15HP


Lando Supply Hydroponics Chiller with heating or cooling for the nutrient solution in large commercial hydroponic systems. By keeping your nutrient solution at a consistent water temperature and suitable for plants to grow quickly. Have questions about what you need? Contact us to learn more about adding water chillers and heaters to your hydroponic system.

Hydroponic Water Chiller for Sale – LD 1/2HP


What Are The Best Chillers To Buy For A Hydroponics System? You can find the best hydroponic water chiller for sale on We are specialists in any size of water chillers for hydroponic farm or greenhouse applications. Which ideal for keeping the nutrient solution in your reservoir at the perfect temperature.

Agricultural Cooling Systems-Cooling for Agriculture


Manufacture of agricultural cooling systems from Maintain the right temperature for any hydroponic plants. It can be customized for all sizes. Agricultural cooling systems use misting technology to fight off heat stress, our misting systems keep plants in optimal climate conditions

Cooling Hydroponics Systems- Hydroponic Chiller


The Cooling Hydroponics Systems that provide process cooling for hydroponic reservoirs.In a hydroponic system, optimal nutrient absorption happens when the root zone is at just the right temperature. The ideal nutrient solution and water temperature is typically between 65°F and 68°F. The most common type of Cooling Hydroponics Systems which is a refrigeration unit that works with a water pump located inside the reservoir. Maintain the perfect water temperature for healthy hydroponic plant growth with a water chiller or water heater from

Hydroponics Supplies and Hydroponic Water Chillers LD-10HP


Lando company is the hydroponics supplies which offers Water Chillers Hydroponics in China. Our hydroponic chillers that fit your indoor garden and hydroponics system from 1/2HP to 10HP. Make sure to match water chillers with the correct size inline submersible water pump for optimal operation and chilling capabilities. For the LCD digital display water temperature controller can be connected with RS485.

Hydroponic Reservoir Chiller LD-1/2HP-BC /BW


The Hydroponic Reservoir Chiller ensure that the plants have a constant water supply at the most favorable temperatures ensuring that plants grow to their full potential max production. The nutrients are well circulated to the plants as water moves . Lando hydroponic reservoir chiller ensure that plants grow fast .

Cheap Hydroponic Water Chiller LD-1HP-BC/BW


The Cheap Hydroponic Water Chiller are used with an aim of providing plants with the best environmental conditions . Use of hydroponic water chiller ensures that the roots are able to get all the necessary nutrients too. such a Lando hydroponic chiller will provide consistent nutrients ,air and keep the right temperature.

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