Production Process Water Chillers

What you can expect to learn inside

A comprehensive introduction of Lando Water Chillers Production Process:

  • How are we leading innovation
  • Our water chillers which application
  • Hydroponic Water Chillers
  • Aquarium Water Chillers
  • Industrial Water Chillers
  • Water-Chilled Air Conditioning
  • Advanced Innovative high-efficiency technology
  • Intelligent Control System

Our fully automatic cooling system is integrated to keep your hydroponic reservoir or aquarium tank at the comfortable temperature. Advanced high-efficiency technology makes the water chiller work quiet and long life. This is the quality you can expect from provider to Fortune 500 organizations.

Our water chillers goes beyond just increasing the cooling efficiency. It also controls the temperature accurately and with higher precision. This is due to our profound understanding of water chillers which is a result of long-term research and development. You can trust Lando to do the job correctly the first time and every time. Contact us directly to see what we can accomplish for you.


As the owner of the professional China-made water chillers, Lando has been leading the way in innovation. Our Newly water chillers have a high-quality control system, which will strengthen your competitiveness and confidence in marketing.

We also focused on energy conservation and environment protection, advanced innovative high-efficiency technology, intelligent control system, and so on, please contact us at, and will send you the Production Process to your mail.