All You Need to Know About Refrigerant Design Software. It can help you to master the software of the refrigerant industry better.


The refrigeration system and low temperature are the doors of applied technology. scientific research and engineering combination of extremely strong, further studies or plowing engineering technology can be.

At present, this field of new technology is slow, the accumulation of experience is very important, there have been many experts and scholars or engineers public excellent works also shows this point.

II. Cartography

For those of you who are new to the industry, you may be wondering why I, as a refrigeration system designer, should learn to draw.

In fact, the CAD drawing is one of the essential skills for design and engineering personnel, and only with basic drawing skills can we draw system schematics, etc.; only then can we better show what we want to design intuitively and clearly to the leaders.
Drawing is also comprised of 2D drawing and 3D drawing, and here is a suggestion to your colleagues that 2D drawing must be mastered!
Common software is as follows.
2D: AutoCAD, CAXA, etc..
3D: Solidworks, Pro/E, UG, etc.

Refrigeration system

Refrigeration systems

III. Thermal calculations for water chiller systems

1. Physical property search

Refrigerant software is Refprop (REference Field PROPerties), developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which focuses on the thermodynamic properties of industrial fluids and their compounds, especially refrigerants and hydrocarbon mixtures, including the thermodynamic properties of work materials and their flow characteristics. Data and diagrams can be retrieved through programming such as MATLAB.


Refig is a Chinese language interface.

Refig is Chinese language interface

Wet Air Parameter Search

Wet Air Parameter Search

2. Pressure enthalpy map software.

(1)Refprop. The pressure enthalpy diagram is drawn as follows


(2) Solkane, The pressure enthalpy diagram is drawn as follows


(3)Excel,The pressure enthalpy diagram is drawn as follows

Pressure enthalpy

3. Water Chiller system cycle calculation.

(1) Coolpack.

This software is one of the most practical software for thermal calculations of refrigeration systems, steam compression of single-stage systems, two-stage compression, and other system thermal calculations.

calculations of refrigeration systems

calculations of refrigeration


(2) Solkane Design software:

Solkane Design software

(3) Excel for thermal calculations of water chiller systems

calculations of water chiller systems

Excel for thermal calculations

calculations of water chiller

IV. Compressor selection

Compressors that are commonly used on the market today have their own selection software; for example, the common BITZER compressor.

ITZER compressor

BITZER compressors

And the Danfoss, Copeland, Hitachi, and Sanyo compressors.



Copeland Compressor

V. Heat exchanger design.

The heat exchanger software includes These (Luvata), EVAP-COND (developed by NIST), Coildesigner (developed by the University of Maryland), HTRI (Heat Transfer Research Inc.), etc. For instructions on how to use them, please refer to the “Heat Exchanger Design Manual” by Qian Songwen before using HRTI. The Coildesigner can simulate and calculate the condenser performance for a given airspeed or air volume.

(1) Thest Design Software

Thest have parameters such as inlet air temperature and humidity, airflow, inlet, and outlet water temperature, etc., you can calibrate the cooling capacity (and also calculate the condenser performance) by changing the coil parameters. After satisfying the space required for drainage, routing, base, cover, etc., the coil size should be reasonably determined to retain a certain margin. The number of coil returns is appropriate to ensure the pressure drop in the process.

Thest Design Software

(2) Evap-Cond design software.

EVAP-COND can calculate the heat dissipation, refrigerant outlet temperature, and pressure, and air outlet temperature of a conventional finned copper tube condenser under the input structural parameters and operating conditions, but it cannot calculate the pressure drop on the airside, so it cannot make the pipe network resistance curve of the condenser, nor can it find the operating point of the fan and condenser from the calculation results. Can visually represent the flow path.

Evap-Cond design software

(3)Coildesigner software.

Coildesigner has a correlation formula for calculating the pressure drop, which can be used to determine the operating point of the fan and the condenser, but the process has to be adjusted manually until the calculated air-side pressure drop at the input air volume is very close to the fan static pressure, then the calculation result is considered to be the air volume and static pressure at the operating point of this fan.

Coildesigner software.

Coildesigner software-1

Coildesigner software-2

Coildesigner software-3

(4) HTRI heat exchanger design software

HTRI is the more professional heat exchanger, according to the structure module can do air cooler, gas-saving, plate exchange, shell and tube casing, spiral plate, hairpin shell, pipe distribution tool, vibration analysis, burner Shell and tube heat exchanger examples of integrated pipe resistance, pipe accessories resistance and other equipment resistance, the rational selection of equipment, to ensure that the total resistance within the specified range.

HTRI heat exchanger design software

(5) Shell and tube heat exchanger design software

Plate heat exchanger software

(6) Plate heat exchanger software

Plate heat exchanger software

VI. Design and selection of other components.

Throttle/Expansion Valve Selection.

Danfoss and Emerson have their own selection software that can be used directly.

selection of other components.

It is also possible to use excel to integrate the expansion valve parameters of each company and then select the type.

Design calculations for suction and exhaust pipe diameters.


(1) Calculations can be made using Excel.

Design calculations for suction .

Design calculations for suction

(2) Calculations using Solkane.

Calculations using Solkane.

(3) Selection of other auxiliary parts

Just use the selection software of each brand, let’s take Danfoss as an example.

Selection of other auxiliary parts

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