Spot Cooler (air cooling unit) is manufactured especially for spot cooling can be used for Shipyard and Marine Offshore. It can be also used to dehumidify a building, dry out wet concrete, in equatorial and tropical climate conditions, or in the Summer of temperate regions, As this spot cooling can keep you likely at a comfortable temperature at working spots.

Lando Spot Coolers are optimized for high capacity cooling or use in close to room temperature conditions. Any models can be made with cooling, heating, and dehumidifying function.


Spot Cooler for Shipyard and Marine Offshore


Features of Lando Spot Coolers

– Popular at shipyards, Marien Offshore, and construction sites.

– To reduce the temperature of a chamber with a dehumidifier function. As to satisfy technical requirements and improves working efficiency.

— Compact design. Simply connect the power wiring and ready for immediate cooling.

— Cooling Media: Air

– An effective ventilation method to reduce toxic/hazardous gas for prevention of accident occurrences.

– This spot cooler comes with a Multi-functional control panel.

– Its sturdy construction enables the cooler to endure vibration. It can be easily transported by cranes or forklifts.


Spot Cooler for Shipyard



Lando provides a spot cooler and is widely used at Shipyard and Marine Offshore. Thanks to the convenience and comfort that it provides, it is now put into use in all types of tanks and construction sites. Working in hot, humid, confined places (particularly, within steel-plated, double-bottomed tanks) without air-conditioning can be unbearable.

In fact, spot cooling is an extremely efficient cooling for people, the environment, and equipment because it directs a localized stream of cool air exactly where it is needed.


Spot Cooler



Application of Spot Coolers

1. For Shipyard and Marine Offshore

2. For foundries, steelworks, welding areas, and hot work sites

3. For Construction sites

4. For events held in temporary tents

5. For maintenance inside large Pipes/ Tanks



Lando Spot Coolers


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