The bell of the New Year is about to ring, 2022 is about to kick off the prologue.

The past year we are in the same boat. in exchange for high performance;

In the new year, we have to make further efforts to create brilliance.

May you all have good health and a prosperous business!

Let’s Together for a Shared Future!


Here would like to share some of the shipping photos from Lando Chiller Company in 2021.


Lando Chiller to African


Lando Chiller to Canada


Lando Chiller to Australia


Lando Chiller to European


Lando Chiller to USA


Lando Chiller to Italy


Lando Chiller to Dubai


Lando Chiller to Germany


Lando is a professional manufacture of high-quality ice bath chillers, hydroponic water chillers, aquarium water chillers, industrial water chillers, and other OEM cooling systems. We will supply free technical support if need. Please feel free to contact us. ( )