//Top 6 Tips To Keep Your Aquarium Cool In Hot Weather

Top 6 Tips To Keep Your Aquarium Cool In Hot Weather

How to cool your saltwater aquarium in summer hot weather?

If you have freshwater or saltwater aquarium . It may be a cause of concern to rising temperatures in the summertime. So how to cool your aquarium in summer hot weather ?


The temperature of your fish tank is affected by the following factors:

* ambient room temperature
* heaters in the fish tank
* chillers for cooling your aquariums
* lighting on the aquarium
* water movement within the aquarium and surface water movement


Here will inform you 6 Tips to keep your aquarium cool in hot weather :

1. Make sure the fish tank be ventilation to avoid the sun exposure.

2. In order to reduce the generation of heat. No use the pumps ( such as surfing pump ) when the temperature is high.

3. Reducing the amount of lighting you are using, especially if using high heat output lights such as T5 or T8 tubes, Also it is another method of trying to keep the water temperature down.

4. Open the fish tank and use the fan to cool. but the effect is not good.

5. Ideally, use air conditioning units however these are expensive to run and may not be the best way.

6. Use the Lando water chillers to cool aquarium tank. It is the best ways to cool the aquarium tank in summer.

Easy and cooling fast.





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