Mold temperature controller is also called mold temperature control unit, Originally used in the injection mold temperature control industry. Later, with the development of the machinery industry application more and more widely. Now the mold temperature unit is generally controlled by the water temperature controller and the oil temperature controller. and The temperature can reach plus or minus 0.1 degrees.




Mold Temperature Controller Is Widely Used In 

  • plastic molding
  • light guide plate die-casting 
  • rubber tires 
  • rollers 
  • chemical reactors
  • bonding
  • refining and other industries


In a broad sense, it is called temperature control equipment, including heating and freezing two aspects of temperature control.


Mold temperature controller in the plastic industry is more commonly used, the main role is:

  1. Improve the efficiency of product molding.
  2. Reduce the generation of defective products.
  3. Improve the appearance of the product, to suppress the defects of the product.
  4. Speed up the production progress, reduce energy consumption, save energy.


There is also a great space for the application of the temperature controller in the die casting industry, especially in the manufacturing of magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, uneven or improper mold temperature will lead to casting size instability, in the production process ejected casting deformation, heat pressure, sticky mold, surface depression, internal shrinkage, and heat bubbles and other defects. It also has an impact on the production cycle time, such as filling time, cooling time, and spraying time all produce unstable variables. The life of the mold can also be affected by overcooling and overheating, resulting in thermal cracking of the expensive steel and accelerating its aging.


In modern factories, according to market competition, saving manpower, improving quality, and reducing costs is a business strategy that cannot be delayed, and the use of mold heaters can reduce mold preheating time, improve the surface quality of finished products, and fully automated production. Improving mold life is the necessary means to improve productivity.


The use of mold temperature control with another name in other industries


  • In the PVC sheet roller temperature control called oil heater
  • In the extruder equipment called temperature control device
  • In the rubber, refiner equipment called a temperature control system or called temperature control machine


These devices are basically a rapid temperature rise, followed by the process of insulation. After heating up in rubber equipment, also need to perform a long-term cooling process.


Mold temperature control unit includes water mold temperature control and oil mold temperature control. Please click here to know more. 


The Feature of the water mold temperature controller

  1. Maximum use temperature 40℃-180℃, accurate ±1℃
  2. Microcomputer touch control is easy to operate
  3. Automatic venting on
  4. The temperature display of water and return water

      5 . Mold back to the water function (optional.)

  1. OMRON, FUJI, Mueller control parts
  2. Stainless steel pipeline, reduce the pipe yin and rust scale
  3. Fault display, maintenance without professional staff



The Feature of oil mold temperature control

    1.Temperature controller adopts touch mode internal storage, automatic calculation, accurate and reliable control         within ±2℃, saving power more than 35%;

  1. Two groups of electric heaters can be used alone or jointly activated;
  2. Heating and cooling time is fast, stable temperature;
  3. The electric heaters are made of stainless steel;
  4. Safety protection and fault indication system is perfect;
  5. The use of imported advanced components, long service life;
  6. Japanese process system design, easy to operate and maintain.



The Function of mold temperature controller

  • Ordinary water heating series power is the 6KW-30KW temperature at 30℃-120℃;
  • Ordinary oil heating series power 6KW-72KW temperature at 30℃-200℃;
  • High-temperature water heating series power 6KW-120KW temperature at 120℃-180℃;
  • High-temperature oil heating series power 18KW-120KW temperature at 250℃-350℃.



Application Industries:

  • Petroleum and chemical industry: polymerization, condensation, distillation, melting, dehydration, forced insulation.
  • Oil and grease industry: fatty acid distillation, fat decomposition, concentration, esterification, vacuum odor, and other reactor temperature control, reactor heating.
  • Synthetic fiber industry: polymerization, melting, spinning, extension, drying.
  • Textile printing and dyeing work: heat setting roller heating, drying room heating, heat capacity dyeing.
  • Nonwoven industry: Nonwoven fabric.
  • Feed industry: Drying.
  • Plastic and rubber industry: hot pressing, calendaring, extrusion, vulcanization molding.
  • Paper industry: drying, corrugated paper processing.
  • Wood industry: multi-plywood, fiberboard pressure molding, laminate heating, hot pressing board heating, oil press temperature control, wood drying.
  • Building materials work: gypsum board drying, asphalt heating, concrete component maintenance.
  • Machinery industry: spray paint, printing drying.
  • Food industry: oven heating, laminated pot heating.
  • Air conditioning industry: industrial plants and civil building heating.
  • Road building industry: asphalt melting, insulation.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: drying.
  • Light industry: the production of ink, laundry detergent.
  • Chemical light industry: polymerization, condensation reaction, distillation, distillation, concentration, evaporation, melting
  • Petrochemical industry: synthesis, reaction, distillation, distillation, heating, heat preservation, storage tank heating, heavy oil heating
  • Oil and fat: oil decomposition, deodorization, fatty acid distillation, heating, hydrogenation reaction, esterification
  • Plastic rubber: hot pressing, calendaring, extrusion, vulcanization molding
  • Leather industry: artificial leather processing
  • Textile printing and dyeing: heat setting, drying, baking, evaporation, melting
  • Chemical fiber: polymerization reaction, melt spinning, loom processing, molding, heat-setting, extension, drying
  • Paint: paint baking, drying, high-temperature solid melting, home appliances, vehicle baking paint, painting
  • Automobile and aircraft: painting and baking, drying, heating, and molding, high-temperature bonding
  • Wood processing: hot pressing, drying, wood processing, and wood products (timber, furniture, man-made panels (MDF, MDF, plywood, plywood, laminated panels, laminated panels, laminated panels, laminated panels, laminated panels, laminated panels
  • Forestry industry: hot pressing, drying, artificial board, MDF, particleboard, wheat strawboard, plywood \ artificial board finishing, wood processing, wood making, solid wood flooring, wood drying, wood products, furniture, solid wood flooring paper printing: corrugated board processing, paper processing, ink production and processing, hot melt, drying construction and building materials: asphalt dissolution, concrete maturing tank, waterproof materials, and oil consumption production
  • Cement: fuel heating carbon industry: asphalt heating, insulation, melting, melting, impregnation, mixing, molding
  • Highway and transportation: Road building machinery, asphalt heating, melting, insulation municipal highway road building: asphalt heating, melting, insulation
  • Asphalt heating: asphalt heating, melting
  • Air conditioning: a heating heat source, heating, and ventilation, radiant heating
  • Pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical health care
  • Atomic energy industry: nuclear fuel processing
  • Metal processing: pickling, electroplating, painting, oil bath, heat treatment
  • Electrical: resin impregnation, dissolution, insulation
  • Electroplating industry: galvanizing, chromium plating, silver plating


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