Why the Walk-in Cooler and Freezer Refrigeration System be Blocked?

Here are the main reasons to diagnose Walk-in Cooler and Freezer Refrigeration be blocked.

It will be the best guide for the technician’s maintenance.

1. The reason for ice blockage

Ice blockage in the refrigeration system is caused by excess water, Water flows through the system with the refrigerant during the system working.

When the refrigerant containing water is throttled down by the expansion valve. Water dissolves from the refrigerant and forms ice particles to adsorb at the expansion valve outlet, Make the expansion valve partially or completely blocked. When the refrigerant system happens ice blocked, the refrigerant is also reduced accordingly or even completely disappeared. The suction pressure drops significantly, the exhaust pressure also decreases, and the cooling capacity is obviously insufficient.


2. Why have water in the Walk-in Cooler and Freezer Refrigeration System?

1) The poor quality of the refrigerant. It’s cheap price with poor quality, including water and impurities, low purity, high boiling point.

2) Use air pressure leak detection in Summer. Water vapour in the air is compressed and it becomes liquid water after cooling.

3) Improper installation and maintenance operations cause excessive water in the system.


3. Why happen dirty and blocked in the refrigeration system?

Some metals are produced during the production, installation, and maintenance of refrigeration systems. Pipeline oxides, slag, and impurities in refrigerants
and deteriorated refrigerator oils. These impurities are carried by the refrigerant and flow through the cooling system. When passing through the expansion valve and the filter
screen of the dry filter, the impurities will accumulate on the screen and accumulate more and more, causing different degrees of blockage


4. The main reason of impurities in the refrigeration system


1) Parts of the refrigeration system are not treated with nitrogen blow before installation

2) The oxide layer produced in the welding process did not completely fall off during the cleaning process, but only slowly fell off after being put into operation under the rinsing of the refrigerant.

3) As poor quality with compressor and refrigerant oil or use dry friction causes the compressor to produce excessive grinding.

4)Poor desiccant quality. Under the impact of the refrigerant, the surface of the desiccant differentiates generates powder and causes fouling in the expansion valve filter.

5) Adopt poor quality frozen oil. The stability of the oil is poor. It can be mixed with impurities to condense into a paste after decomposing, sticking to the valve hole or the filter, causing the blockage.

6) Charged refrigerant contains excess impurities.

In addition, at low-temperature equipment with – 60 ℃, It may occur oil blocked on the expansion valve hole. This is mainly the frozen oil with hight freezing point. refrigerant flow through the valve hole, as the low temperature dissolving precipitate in the part of the refrigerant refrigeration oil, paste, glue on the valve hole caused by the dirty and blocked.

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