Why Use A Hydroponic Water Chiller In Your Hydroponic System

What you will learn inside this guide:

• Why Need Hydroponic Water Chiller;
• Root Zone Temperature Of Plants;
• Benefit Of The LANDO Hydroponic Water Chiller;
• Why Use A Hydroponic Water Chiller In Your Hydroponic System;

Growers are smart thinkers. We are always thinking of better ways to develop our gardens. Whether it is about refining our garden operation or boosting our garden techniques, we always love to implement something new.

We are the master of our plants. We have a complete control over their environmental welfares including their root zone temperature. Even though overlooked by some growers, providing maximum root zone temperature is an effective way of boosting plant performance and overall production. This is the passion behind having a hydroponic water chiller in the hydroponic system.
Utilizing hydroponic water chiller in your hydroponic system is a very effective way to pull down(cool) the temperatures of the root zone.

Why Need Hydroponic Water Chiller

Before we dive into the benefits of using the water chillers, we must first see reasons why we need to use the hydroponic water chiller.

Root Zone Temperature Of Plants

Typically, the ability of a nutrient’s solution to hold dissolved oxygen lessens as temperature increases within the solution. This less-oxygenated environment reduces the amount of available oxygen to the root zone, leading to poor growth and plant performance. Alongside high temperature, environment with low oxygen breeds the perfect condition for unsafe pathogens like the Pythium to establish their horizon within a garden. This is where you need a hydroponic water chiller.
Hydroponic Water Chillers maintains the nutrient solution temperature within the maximum range of 65-70F. This optimal temperature range allows the roots zone the access to good oxygen level while also boosting plant disease control.

Benefit Of The LANDO Hydroponic Water Chiller

As hydroponic growers, we face different challenges when it comes to growing our plant to our taste, but none feels more frustrating than the dreaded overheating reservoir. While there are various brand to combat this problem, the simplest and easy-to-use way for your hydroponics system is the Lando hydroponic water chillers.

With different brands of Hydroponic Water Chillers in the market today, one of the very best is the lando Hydroponic Water Chillers. Here is why you need one:

  • Lando combat heats where it matters;
  • Greatly boost oxygen levels in the water;
  • Prevents activities of pathogens in plants root zone;
  • Perfect for NFT, DWC, F&D, and Aeroponics;
  • Digital LCD display for convenient operation;


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