//Your Favorite Water Chillers and Posts from Lando 2018

Your Favorite Water Chillers and Posts from Lando 2018

As the year winds to an end, we decided to look back at our bestselling water chillers in 2018. Hydroponic Water Chiller and Aquarium Chillers were, as always, some of our top-sellers, but two designs were also among the favorites. (Can you guess which ones?)



We want to develop more attractive water chillers in the future. cooling for your aquarium, hydroponics, pool or any OEM cooling system.

See our 2018 round-up below and make sure you didn’t miss out on some of our best products and free content.

Enjoy and thank you for a great year in 2019!


The 2018 Bestsellers

Aquarium Chillers


LD-1/2HP-B Water Chillers — Always a bestseller, we have over 500 projects featuring unique aquarium and

hydroponics for memorable. This is the ideal cooling solution for small aquariums and reservoirs, fit for 300-450L tank.


Water Chiller  Hydroponics


LD-5HP-B Water Chillers — The best water chillers for hydroponics was a challenge, it is suitable for the 4000L-5000L tank. Maintain the perfect water temperature for healthy hydroponic plant growth.


2018 Some Projects :



Top 3 Blog Posts of the year:

Top 7 Best Aquarium Chiller – 2018 Reviews | Lando Aquarium Chillers

This post helped our readers to know the Top 7 Best Aquarium Chiller in order to choose the right aquarium chillers for their tank. Apparently, this was a much-needed topic of discussion. It has remained our most highly read post since originally published in Aug. of 2017. Is there anything you wished we had covered in this article? Let us know! Read the full post.


Finding the Best Water Chillers for Hydroponics

If you are looking for the best water chiller for hydroponics, now you are in the right place.  Lando provides high- quality water chillers for your hydroponic gardening needs. Our water chillers come in all sizes, and they consist of original components which are highly durable. Our expert will give you suggestion and services beyond your expectations. This is a must-read for anyone considering this type of marketing. Read the full post.


9 Traps When You Buy Hydroponic Aquarium Water Chillers In China



How to avoid these 9 traps when you buy Hydroponic Aquarium Water Chillers in China? Hydroponic Water Chillers and Aquarium water chillers are expensive products that any mistakes in your purchase the decision can cause heavy economic loss. Due to the huge demand in water chiller market in China, there are plenty of water chiller manufacturers. However, not every manufacturer can make their products in a proper way. Customers have to be extremely careful when purchasing hydroponic water chillers or aquarium water chiller. This is a must-read when you decide to buy the water chillers from China. Read the full post.

And that’s a wrap for 2018. We’re looking forward to many more unique water chillers and innovative products in the new year.

Together in 2019!



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